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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrity couple robbed

Model and actress Sebnem Özinal hall window, forcing the operator entering the homes of his wife, Sefik Öztek'in Gümüşsuyu'ndaki thief, laptop, and the couple's BMW brand cars went out of key.

The thief vanished in a parked car. Özinal All the while, Öztek, the couple's young daughters and was in the house sitter.

Fashion entrepreneur and his wife, actress Sebnem Özinal Sefik Öztek'in Gümüşsuyu'ndaki into their homes with the BMW brand car thief stealing a laptop computer and fled. According to information obtained on the ground floor houses the couple's living room window, entering the unknown thief or thieves stole a laptop computer with a car key. Thief then parked in the face of the building 2004 model, dark blue in color, 34-plate BMW brand in 4252 and took the car home run stolen key.


Sebnem Özinal at home during the incident, his wife, Sefik Öztek, the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ayse, and the Turkmen had found a babysitter. Şebnem Hırsızlığın morning Özinal'ın into the living room window open etmesiyle notice that appeared. Twin daughters, and they do not notice the thief entered the house keepers emerged. Crime scene investigation teams are thought to have been the thief entered the living room window and made a fingerprint examination. Security cameras in nearby buildings started to be investigated.

His fingerprint at the time the police investigation, the Sefik Öztek window; 'Morning Sebnem realized. I was at home at night. Şebnem'in laptop and took her bag. No alarm system, 'he said. In the meantime, to give expression taken to the police station in Sebnem Özinal, 'forcing the glass entered the hall at night.' he said. Police continue investigation of the incident.

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