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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Men will continue until doğurana

7-month pregnant wife of the Jade Salkım'ın H erratic: "god willing we think the third, perhaps a fourth. Yeşim too want to be a boy"

Jade Bunch will bring to the world two months after his daughter Princess Ada, 'Love and Punishment' in a mansion in Sarıyer'deki song clip pulled offline. Salkım'ın clip directed by his wife, H erratic. Salkım'ın due to pregnancy, not her body, her face a study highlighting the erratic, "I want very much to have a son, Yeşim. god willing to three, maybe four, we think to wrap. continue until we find a man, " he said.

Bunch of Jade, about the pregnancy, said: "Hakan, always there for me and support me in every sense. ... In the meantime, this is a feeling I get from my weight because I'd never lived in the mirror looking down. My legs were gnarled, such as Roberto Carlos'legs. Sometimes I cry for no reason. Sometimes I start to laugh as you cry. Interesting I'm having feelings. "

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