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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eurovision join a trillion

Büyükada moved to concentrate on the new album, Left Alone, if necessary, participate in Eurovision 'would ask for a trillion,' Tell surprised!

Left Alone Büyükada moved to a new album in the works, "a combination of musicians to produce more good songs to do such things, " he said. Will represent our country at Eurovision indicating that he believed would be successful in the High School Musical group, Left Alone, "but then when they give me 1 trillion join Eurovision. It is a tiring process. I need to make a good composition. Regardless of entering more than be loved for many years, heard a song much more important to do, "he said. "I do not need Mirkelam'a brother, " said his brother, this description supports Sibel Mirkelam'ın Left Alone, "My brother stayed in school four years later, is an associate professor teaching would be done to me, " he said.

HIS suit
Tarkan, Bilge Ozturk said because konuşmadıklarını Left Alone, "It is long passed. He even remembers. Joe is a place what I did. even naked photos of her suits, " he said.

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