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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Maximum of 2010 gold was kazandıranı

Winning gold in 2010 was among the most investment vehicles. 24 carat pure gold bullion price of 32.86 per cent in 2010, has risen 32.96 percent in the bottom of the republic.

Istanbul Stock Exchange, shares in the profit rate of 24.95 percent in 2010 provided an average. Investment funds, certificates of participation, the average earning rate of 6.38 percent. Bills, bills, repurchase agreements and bank faizindeki yield was between 6 percent and 9 percent. Last year, inflation was on the winning single currency the Swiss Franc. Other than that the rise in inflation remained under foreign coins. According to the Turkish lira at 3.54 percent annual increase in American Doları'ndaki, while the Euro, this figure was 3.85 percent. Depositors deposit money at the end of 2009, 1-year term at the end of 2010 the net profit gained 6.80 per cent of the net. Gain of 5.73 percent in 2010 year-end level of the investor's money was to evaluate repoda.

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