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Saturday, January 1, 2011

190 tons of gold break my

A record increase in gold prices, increased the interest in the said scrap under the so-called pillow. Istanbul Gold Exchange President Osman Sarac, 2009, Turkey transform 217 tons of scrap gold in the world announced that it had in the first place. If the representatives of the sector in 2010 with prices increasing realization that this figure is expected around 190 tons, he added.

-The increase in gold prices, gold jewelry esnafını yastıkaltında to think about the black ones happy. This year, gold prices jumped nearly 30 percent indicating the Istanbul Gold Exchange (IGE) Chairman Osman Sarac, Turkey's gold imports in 2010 is 42.38 tons, 50 tons in 2011, said the levels anticipated to occur.

In addition to the rise in the dollar price of gold in the last days of the year also increased by £ stating that the dollar appreciation against TL Sarac, "The increase in gold prices and high volatility, therefore, seems to increase the supply of scrap in Turkey as well as other countries. Increase the supply of scrap gold, speeded up the flow of gold abroad to Turkey and from Turkey. return 217 tons of scrap gold in 2009, Turkey was ranked first in the world. This value is equal to one tenth of the gold production at the same time provided by the mines. In 2010, the supply of scrap gold Under a previous year's value is expected to happen. " he said. Industry representatives are waiting to happen around 190 tons of this figure.

In recent years, characterized by high gold prices decreases the demand for jewelry in the world and in Turkey on the one hand by drawing attention Saraç'a shrinking overseas markets, while falling domestic demand for jewelry, jewelry exports to Turkey as a result of reduced demand for gold remained low in 2010. Gold prices continue to remain elevated in 2011, the continuation of this situation on the one hand the supply of scrap gold jewelry on the other hand is expected to lead to the demand to remain at low levels. In 2011 to pursue the course of gold prices, market players waiting for a strong attention Sarac, "the rise in gold every day at least six more months to continue delivering record levels, prices are expected to rise to $ 1.500. In fact, predictions that prices will reach U.S. $ 1.650 is also available in a year. " said


IGE President Sarac, Turkey has been estimated to be 5 thousand tons yastıkaltı gold stock, he said. This figure is based on public opinion research and pointed out that a value of about Sarac, "in the hands of our people due to rising prices as a result of the tradition of gold jewelry gold jewelry bozdurmasına later stages despite the stock returns to its former levels." he said. Precious metals consultancy firm GFMS 56 tons in 2000, according to the data, while the supply of scrap gold in Turkey, this figure is 67.7 tons in 2005, 2008, 199 tons, 217 tons in 2009, respectively. In 2010, approximately 13.7 tons of gold mine production, indicating that the level of Sarac, "Turkey's gold mine production in the coming year is expected to happen at a level between 20 to 30 tons." he said. Sarac, as of December 29, 2010 İAB'da 113.24 tons of gold and 385 tons of silver process occurred, said they expect an increase between 10-15 percent this year.

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