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Friday, January 7, 2011

LEAVE SMOKING Low Back Pain Away!

Specialist Professor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Hasan Oguz, smoking is one of the reasons for low back pain, the complaint must be from the patients reported that they want to leave smoking. The owner of a private physical therapy center in Konya, Professor. Dr. Alex Hassan, all rheumatic complaints of low back pain constitutes one-third, he said.

Approximately 80 percent of low back pain in one part of society to engage in their lives, 70 percent of the patients 1 month, 90 percent said improved within 2 to 3 months. Non-smokers and long-distance drivers, Those who survive for a long time, without changing the position of high risk of developing low back pain for a long time, indicating that the residents of Alexander, "those who are weak back and abdominal muscles are more prone to low back pain," he said. Get rid of low back pain or low back pain is never to get caught telling some rules must be complied with Prof. Dr. Alex said:

Lines-wrong with this
"His knees breaking the lie on your back or side, then return to the side before getting out of bed and sit up with hands supporting stand up, sit up, sitting in the waist to support the need to stand upright. Is important not to take anything from tilting and leaning not to work. Knees and feet while trying to break ground something, share the burden of each hand and move as close to the body, reaching out to high or low back problems, the person keeps doing business. Is an important cause of low back complaints in the non-drinking. The complaint of low back pain patients necessarily want to leave smoking. Because smoking reduces blood circulation in the town is going to cause pain. In addition, due to non-cough, can lead to hernia. "

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