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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last polemic: Fur Boot

For years, the bloody knife with Serena Serengil Gülben Ergen polemic between now experiencing fur boots

Serena Serengil -22 degrees taken last month, "I know you leave Man"video wearing the same Chanel trademark high-heeled boots and feathered Gülben Ergen "Alas Alas, " the film attended the premiere and saw she was wearing at the awards ceremony. Serengil exasperated, "We have taken the same copycat clip snow scenes I wear Chanel boots, or can not believe that wearing socks with black thin. Well-bred girl, "he accused taklitçilikle Ergen. Gülben Ergen furry boots on the other hand wave at passers-reacted. Adolescent, snow boots should be worn under the dress worn by gala evening dresses and even criticisms on the Chanel runway all dressed women wearing these boots tunic. There was no one under the sled, "commented. Marbling also saying that the drawing itself in the same Shawl, Ergen appeared on Twitter support and "just so ... good morning Gülbenciğim I bought the sled and ski boots, the Chanel woman did not have the same Well, "commented.

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