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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

High Fidelity 2011 Eurovision song in English

High School Musical group, was elected representative in the Eurovision 2011. High Fidelity 2011 Eurovision contest, announced that they will sing in English, here is the representative of the Eurovision 2011 final date, and Turkey for High-Fidelity Getting to know the group who do not know ...

High Fidelity 2011 Eurovision song in English

High School Musical group, was elected representative in the Eurovision 2011. High Fidelity 2011 Eurovision contest, announced that they will sing in English, here is the representative of the Eurovision 2011 final date, and Turkey for High-Fidelity Getting to know the group who do not know ...

This year the Eurovision song contest to be held 56.sı High School Musical groups from Turkey to join. Turkey is not among the favorites for a representative group also evaluated this decision as a surprise. Hande Yener, Think, Gripin, Hayko Eurovision representative and a candidate months ago, they açıklamışlardı Mirror. Atiye'nin name had been suggested in the polls. The result was a surprise for everyone, including himself, however, high Sadakat'in. Turkey in the Eurovision 2011 song contest to represent the High School Musical English part, and the group's decision to participate in the competition announced that they received.

Time running out

High School Musical group, english Eurovision song contest was chosen. Semi-finals 10 and 12 May, the grand finale of the limited time to prepare for the competition will be held on May 14 the members of the group, on the one hand the output of english songs that they choose postponed last album prints, while preparing new songs.

First semi-final

TRT administration's "three songs bring in 15-20 days," say the high-speed Sadakat'in selected to work on the song, delagasyon by the representative of the Eurovision team will be delivered on 12 March in Düsseldorf. As of March 14 at the planned publication of the song radio and television, first as a semi-finals will be voting.

'Everyone can not go'

TRT's Office Chief of Naval Cakmakoglu: TRT Eurovision Song Contest in accordance with the basic criteria for the selection decision we have described. Will go to Eurovision artist or group that will represent our country abroad, standard features, educational and cultural level of musical diversity and the need to have. So everyone can not go to Eurovision. This artist or group that does not make worthless or a bad musician, but also the Eurovision chances of a person may be higher than thought possible. The idea of making this choice we have people from all walks of society, young people consulted. High Sadakat'in distinctive music, has a high cultural level and other general characteristics will represent our country very well believe, and this year we chose them.

43 countries participate in Eurovision 2011

Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in 2011, a total of 43 countries attending. 2011 Eurovision Song Contest held in May in Germany will organize the statement made by the German television channel, announced the participation of 43 countries of the Eurovision 2011 song contest.

Turkey's High School Musical's group will be represented by the number of countries participate in the Eurovision 2011 contest, so the first time since 2008, rose again to 43. The Eurovision contest in Belgrade in 2008 when 43 countries participated in it, but in Moscow in 2009 Eurovizyon'a 42, 2010, 39 countries participated in the contest in Oslo.

Manga contest has represented Turkey in Eurovision 2010 in Oslo last year and brought the country second. Hadise Turkey won the fourth competition in 2009.

High School Musical who?

'High Fidelity' Hurriyet newspaper in 1997, music journalist and Editor in Chief Happy Özmakinacı by Blue Jean magazine 'carbs' was founded with the name.

Turkish rock music community in 2006 with a new self-titled album soluklarından released with the DMC.

Maybe you pass over us a bird's song in the album, the album many people in the market without a national radio peaked.

Over time, a considerable fan base to extend the High School Musical, Rock'n Coke'ta music lovers meet in the music festival in 2006, the main shared the stage with important names such as Muse and Placebo.

The killer second album in 2008 & lasted Maktûl'ü pisyasaya High School Musical album Sibel Gürsoy, Zeynep Casalini, Senova Üker, Uğur Varol and Agenda, such as Spring Group has worked with artists and groups. Album in the 'Come on, drink' top the charts for weeks remaining.

They continued to study music and concerts unabated, issued in January 2009 in memory of Hepatitis Space 'Forever' album, he wrote lyrics to Sezen Aksu lady commented on track.

Over the years a large number of personnel changes the group is currently living in the Kenan Vural - (vocals), Serkan Ozgen (guitar), Happy Özmakinacı (bass), Ugur Onatkut (keyboards), Alpay Switchgear 'tan (drums) occurs.

Eurovision song contest who prefer English group, Turkey 10 and May 12 '2011 semi-finals, the finals will represent 14 May 2011.

The art world what he said?

TRT's 'High Fidelity' selection led to different reactions in the world of art. Here are specs ...

- Sea Erdem (European Music, partner): the TRT with the Turkish people made fun of managers. They put in this group changed at the last minute instead of the artist. They do not lawful right. Turkey is very great artists, why they sent this group? Last-minute instructions, and who were elected, do not ask for this account. After that time, even if a bird over us still can not get into the Top 10 of Eurovision.
- Sebnem Bozoklu: Yesterday whispers did not correct. Very glad she is not going Mirror. I think that High Fidelity is not the right choice. Think Ah ...
- Garo Mafyan: I think a very appropriate decision ... Eurovision groups are always more successful. I wish to be successful in the competition.
- Esther Friedman (Mirror): Every year, before the candidates Eurovison interest, is spoken. Then he sent someone completely different candidates. This year, something different happened. Already been made this year, according to the news about us, so were thinking the exact gönderilmeyiz. Very pleasing result. High Fidelity, one of Turkey's best bands. Our friends are already at. And musically, the music man their positions in recent years has made the best selection of Eurovision Song Contest.
- David Casali: entries in a busy period. Was the last-minute surprise. I think the first big event of 2011. Kenan Vural, as well as a good singer and a good song writer. Likewise, the journal 's management Özmakinacı Happy go into the world of music to be so successful and high-Sadakat'in songs by other people to do as a group always moves one step to carry forward the great cause of the formation of today's high Sadakat'in. Roads open to get plenty of chances.
- Ray Khan: Ways to get open. But the Eurovision song contest is so wrong to me a serious budget and structuring strategies.
- Arcane: I think the Eurovision old lost its shine. Yaratamıyor its stars from now. Hard to even remember the first one a year earlier. We moved to another dimension Sertab'ın birinciliğiyle competition. High Fidelity is entering a very dangerous process. Song, promotion, rehearsals, etc.. jobs that require them to energy supplies. Will come to get over. A country is not easy to take responsibility.
- Zeynep Dizdar: Years ago, I participated as a vocalist. A difficult event. A sense of responsibility of each country you look. They need too much inspiration. Song that opens the door to everything. I think to type a nice song. I wish you success.

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