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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ebru Gündeş cry last album, Listen (Video Watch)

Ebru Gündeş last album I will not cry Listen (watch video)

Ebru Gündeş Click here to listen to the song I will not cry. Ebru Gündeş artist's 2011 song cry Beyaz'dan released their first new album of songs, song is already a record number of rest I will not cry Ebru Gündeş, Ebru Gündeş White's new album very soon ...

Ebru Gündeş cry that marked part of the internet has become one of the new songs. Ebru Gündeş cry song famous commentator's new album 'White' album, published before the first track. Ebru Gündeş full cry song a day by people 50bin tıklanırken, the famous commentator White's new album will be available in music markets in late January. This album will end with a long-term silence Gündeş From the album's first track and started to cry even if already spoken.

Ebru Gündeş White Show, joined the occasion of New Year's special program. White Gündeş new album at the show will be on the market today announced the end of January 2011. Şarkısınıda also sang the program's new album, I will not cry Gündeş Erbu and gave good news to fans. Full 2 and a half years later the album will bring back the part I will not cry Ebru Gündeş'in fell at the same time to YouTube.

Ebru Gündeş 2011 already have been logged out with a new album, White was the song I will not cry. Artist's new album also includes songs from Jennifer Hill and Sezen Aksu. Ebru Gündeş cry in 2011, his piece seems to bring big sound.

Ebru Gündeş cry and Facebook hemde his song released on their official website.

Ebru Gündeş Akcil signed Roger song ... I will not cry Here are song lyrics I will not cry ...

Go to what you want me, they are no longer an excuse
I could be beautiful, everything
Ask plenty say to a lot of love in your heart
The same thing you find one?

This interpretation of the doctors lie to the game of love
I last gave tear sorunuma
I will not cry, I will not cry
Expect this, I will not do

Maybe it would be hard but I also go into the opposite
I'll never cry again Hüngür hüngür
No one is more for
I will not cry

Here is his song I will not cry Gündeş'in Ebru;

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