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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great Century series record complaints

Great reactions from RTÜK bıktırdı Century. Started to be published on the 11th December to fragments, until the evening of Jan. 6, 93 percent of all program types of complaints''about Yüzyıl''la was great.

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) nine-month period of 2010 when 64 thousand 664 thousand citizen notification, the public reaction led to a series of''Great Century''on Dec. 11 to Jan. 6 was 74 thousand 911 complaints.
Radio and Television Supreme Council Chairman David Durst, answered the questions of AA correspondent on the subject.
Before and after the publication of series of public response is''highly''expressed great Durst, the series began to be published promotional images from 11 December to their call center or web sites that said the viewer response.
Upper Assembly in 2009 and 65-70 thousand in 2010, the average total audience complaints Durst noted,''just a short amount of time for this program, including incoming and 74 thousand complaints. Made in a year for this program at a rate exceeding the average in the complaint have complained. This is not a simple thing that should matter,''he said.
In general, a response to growing complaints from the date of this density is considering addressing Durst,''So far, very few have encountered a situation. Until the evening of Jan. 6, 93 percent of the total sequence of the complaint. Here, beyond the normal reaction to have an extraordinary response''he said.
Response in the community in terms of sensitivity on this subject matter, should take seriously the phrase Durst, the citizens, as well as civil society organizations, trade unions, the responses of various organizations ulaştırdığını RTÜK reported.
Durst, 5 January and published the first part of the series, but the majority of complaints are not yet published the program, since the start of December to 11 advertisements to attract attention began to turn,''I watched the series yet before the release consisted of a precision''he said.
During this period, noted that the audience demands for suspension of the series Durst, unpublished RTÜK presence with a program to dispose of a program broadcast or published there is no authority to remove said.
Recording the first part of the series was published on January 5 Durst, a program released by experts RTUK, the High Council of the law 4 Recalling checked in terms of whether there is compliance with the principles of article publication,''Our specialists are working. If the report is a violation of Broadcasting in the direction of the subject, I get priority on the agenda of the committee. If the Board assesses its own systematic errors in the top if you apply sanctions''he said.
Turkish society, history, important personalities and famous faces in the introduction indicates that the sensitivity of the Durst,''the Ottoman sultans sahiplenmemiz them about the achievements and have a sensitivity. Have felt the appropriate response when we see him showing any thing mentioned. It must be remembered, a result that is not a documentary, series. Here, there is a fiction,''the assessment found.
Starting at the end of the array to reconstruct the historical facts''made''in the form of an expression reminiscent of that in the Durst, publishers of fiction, even if the building of the scenario highlighted the importance of considering the sensitivity of the viewer.
Great Century''notes that''a series of fragments were released on January 5's on the screen until the evening of 11 December 2010, January 6, 2011 was 74 thousand 911 complaints.
All types of programs between the dates, the total number of complaints was 80 thousand 681.
According to the data, 93 percent of complaints came from a series of''Great Century''. Most number of complaints were released the next day. 74 thousand 38 thousand 96 6 911 complaints were reported in January.
Another element of the array shown fragments of complaints outstanding from the moment the disputed points in the series to continue after the entry was shown.
Complaints, mostly introduced to the Ottoman dynasty wrong, focused on issues of history is an insult.
RTUK contact center and web site before and after the publication series of complaints from some of them are as follows:
Great Century''series, now have nothing to do with reality and history in photos şikayetçiyim for granted.
The series, to take place within the Ottoman sultans immoral sick and şikayetçiyim false images. Not publish this series.
The Ottoman Empire, a handful of women in nation's history, such as traction ibaretmiş show, I respect the people being touted as the country focused on women, whether empty, cruel, brutal addedilmesini do not want to watch. Won all the victory of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, the army won the war so many thousand-fold by increasing the hand reverse şaibesi pushed passed his personal relations, yes, even though the state just because it affected the state administration, such as a slideshow of ibaretmiş am discontent. Consideration of all the people who think like me, I demand attention to this matter.
Refute our history, our fathers and humiliation of the Ottoman state, deceptive, false informing people of the publication is done. Block reaching your goal.''

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