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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A full 60 years

The development of the theater, and the future expansion of the transfer of one of the most important institutions, since 1949 the State Theatre opens curtain (DT), 2009-2010 art season, corresponding to 60 Many in the project was signed.

Never seen the light of the audience brings together 60 local game Scene State Theatre, posters of games left in the hands of Turkey's leading painter and grafikerlerinin ingenious. 500 thousand children in the theater and introduced the project 60 was among the year's unforgettable. Welcomed and appreciated abroad, showing an important aspect festivals State Theatre, 60th success in reaching targets.
State Theaters General Director Lemi Bilgin, 60th ambitious projects they had implemented a year, he said.
First of all, never played 60 domestic games, describing plans to open the curtains Bilgin, "I'm sure 60 I laugh when I heard of them was for the year projects. Been thought difficult to achieve the goals we have seen it was not large. When we came out as 60 new local works, young, enthusiastic, experienced writers or other infected areas, it works very much interested in the theater has given thought to show. Ever played, the stage the world premiere of Undiscovered games have done, "he said.
The project came about with the new and young writers stating Bilgin, experienced writers were putting the new works to the stage, so that 60 new works of Turkish and world literature kazandırdıklarını said.


Contrary to popular belief, especially in recent years, Turkey has increased the interest in the theater expressed the Scholar, "the theater of the Turkish people, too prone to live arts. Although the number of homes closed and even if viewers do not empty the theater halls. Intense interest in the private theaters. A special interest in the theater, I know that there is bond, "he said.
Referring to the general assemblies of their conversations with colleagues from the foreign troops in the theater Scholar, European theater, much influenced by what they have learned from the crisis, he said.
Them, "What is the situation in Turkey?" He was asked, "We do not have the problem that a positive development" in the form of answers about the Bilgin, many were surprised by the response said.
In Europe very much alarmed and panic seized the people in crisis, the Turkish people more courageous acts recorded in the Scientist, "We, 'the money come and go, there are important values in life' call. Therefore, the crisis has increased compared to our seyircimiz Europe, "he said.

60 GAME POSTER 60 PAINTER and printmaker

60th State Theatres explaining that they had a "first" Scholar in life, "60th yılımızda. Are doing the world premiere of 60, 60 a painter and printmaker living in Turkey hazırlatalım posters of these games. Let us ask, I said. However, I'm sure I laughed at them. Caller ID gave us some positive response. They said yes with great pleasure, they did, they drew delivered, "he said.
Graphic artists and voicing their support to this project without any fee Bilgin, said:
"And so I'm glad and wailed. This 10 or 15 painters in the world if I drop a year, would have a serious collection. Now in Turkey, an important painter and printmaker 60 and delivered to us have a serious collection. I've dreamed of this project to help implement them, because they pass the institution, on behalf of myself and express my gratitude to art lovers.
We have all the originals of these posters will exhibit in Istanbul under the March 27 World Theatre Day activities. We will open the exhibition in Ankara. I pressed a book featuring the first 30 posters. The second volume also being prepared. In addition, all posters featuring postcards made. This was not the names of artists will come together easily. Perhaps an exhibition buluşmamışlardır ever. State Theatre was an important acquisition and collection. "


60th State Theatres Scholar of international relations is also very important in explaining that, a large number of organized tours abroad to Turkey and said that they represent.

National Theatre last season, 60th in South Korea anniversary celebrations, they noted the joint efforts Scholar, Seoul symposium organized and brought together the heads of the World National Theater, he said.

Stating that the State theater telling Scholar, "was very surprised not know us. They offered a partnership must then recognize that, "he said.
Weight in international festivals in Turkey last season that, in 30 different countries, 53 foreign groups voicing ağırladığını Bilgin, said:
"The situation has now changed, take bids from abroad. This is a beautiful thing, but at this time yetişemiyoruz. All expenses are covered, as long as they join point, they say. At the beginning of the reasons that it is a powerful drama, actor, director and the presence of sub-structure. We have the world's largest organization of theater.
I do not believe anlattığımızda meetings, such as the make believe will do again. Asking an individual, but still have doubts. After coming to Turkey would like to talk to you. Workshops, the organization did not believe anlattıklarınıza you say we are seeing. Directed from abroad, the technical team çağırırdık, now they want us. They want to do joint projects. "

DT General Manager Scientist, 60 year, 500 thousand children in a special theater and other projects introduced by expressing that, for children organized two festivals, he added that they have very important work in this area.

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