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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Babylon is a diva, Macy Gray ...

hoarse voice, a different interpretation of the artist as a unique and romantic pieces of music in the world Istanbul Edie artist.

Valentine's Day and the following Thursday night, 2 nights for the famous legendary American singer will perform at Babylon 5 times so far and was nominated for Grammy for Best Female R & B Vocal "award also took home the grand prize.

Natalie Hinds muffled sound of an extraordinary artist, whose real name is Billie Holiday, Tina Turner and Betty Davis is being remembered with such powerful voices. Released 5 albums so far and the last album, "The Sellout" Build an American R & B queen of the summer of 2010 on the market, Training Day, Scary Movie, and taking part in Hollywood films such as Spider-Man continues his acting career.

Macy Gray's classical piano training from a young age to begin his professional music career was completely by chance. A friend in college to prepare a demo of their own pieces of Gray, the artist will perform fragments avoid their sang on the tracks. Then came the self confidence and who met with renowned producer Joe Solo Gray, the Los Angeles jazz club scene immediately began preparing a demo. It attracts all the attention with the advent of the famous artist, signed to Atlantic Records without losing any time. Great sounding debut album "On How Life Is" in the Epic Records, released in 1999. Album in the "Try" list on the success of a large piece of the artist's first album, America, Canada and settled in the state of platinum in the UK. 2001 Grammy Awards, "Try" piece "Best Female R & B Vocal" category takes home the grand prize Macy Gray, the track that year at the same time part of the year Grammy nomination in the category. Beginning of the Brits and the MTV Video Music Awards in the 2000s, winning many awards Macy Gray, hoarse voice, and romantic pieces of different interpretation of the music world is considered as a unique artist.

"Sexual Revolution", "Sweet Sweet Baby" and the Black Eyed Peas sang along with "Request Line" and many great R & B hitine signature, Erykah Badu and Macy Gray Santana working with names such as the legend, on Feb. 14 and Feb. 15 at Babylon 2 meet with the fans on top of the night.

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