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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


And 198 armed members of Hezbollah terrorist organization which perform the action, 156 murders, which is responsible for 80 incidents of injuries, including council member with the organization's military wing chief Jamal Amount 10 defendants, including Edip Gümüş'ünde, shorten periods of detention into force of Article 102 of CCP Upon entry into the decision of the Supreme Court were evacuated. Amount and 4 other military operations Jamal Branch being taken for the military, Hezbollah is a member of the prison in front of the other 5 'hero' was welcomed like.

Diyarbakir 6 High Criminal Court in custody, 2 frame, the terrorist organization Hezbollah, a leading member of the 5 people, 102 CMK'nın Upon entry into force of Article has been evacuated. Halaylarla evictions of thousands of people celebrated.

The new arrangement Diyarbakir prison inmate accused in the terrorist group Hezbollah to become a member and be in activities, senior managers, Edip Silver, Mehmet Varol Mustafa Silk, Roger Ruby and Sehmus Kinay is left free, the military problem, the amount identified as Jamal, Fuat Balca, Mahmut Demir was delivered to the Military Branch of Abd with Justin Kemal Kaya.

Amount Edip Silver and Jamal, 17 January 2000, Beykoz Hezbollah were killed in the operation manager Velioğlu Hussein had been caught.

Thousands of people gathered in front of D-type prison, Lindsay Lohan pull ropes Tutar'ın getirirek Silver and waited to be evacuated. Edip at about 03:00 at night from Silver and colleagues, as I walked to the crowd stampede took place.

In a speech addressed to the crowd, Edip Silver, "Almighty Allah hi. Upon the Prophet. Going to get on the Resurrection. God endured. We believe in Him and to Him we shall return. You are all very welcome. May God bless you all. Almighty i God, you will not leave your love in the afterlife or unrequited. unpaid leave in the Hereafter. God will bring against us in heaven. I do not engage you. all the brothers from the meeting tomorrow will be a chance, "he said.

10 detainees released and placed the ban on leaving the country shall be under judicial control and signature of each day they'll go to the nearest police or gendarme station said.

Silver and colleagues, then the convoy left the prison.

In the meantime, Diyarbakır D Type Prison and trial periods in 10 years last 5 members of the PKK terrorist organization were also evacuated.

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