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Monday, January 10, 2011

Estrogen levels play a role in head and neck cancer

The female hormone estrogen in women were caused by head and neck cancers. This is an enzyme found in the address was removed and the treatment of hormone studies on the accelerated

Fox Chase Cancer Research Center, the female hormone secreting estrogen in women more than men, more often, had discovered the head and neck cancer was announced. Scientific article published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research, according to the estrogen in these cancers and cancer-prone cells, triggered by his movement CYP1B1adlı enzyme appeared. While there is no effect on healthy cells, cancer cell in the capture of this enzyme. The research team also found that blocking this enzyme in the development of cells. Now, studies have focused on the treatment of CYP1 enzymes by. Success in this regard are provided, and head and neck cancer bekleinyor greatly reduced. Over the last decade, especially in young women with this cancer is no longer expected to decrease. Head and neck cancer in young women but not men, while 50 years of age until the age of 75 is gaining momentum. Estrogen as a factor other than alcohol and cigarettes to trigger this type of cancer. Cancer experts hope the new results of this study is the Turkish claims. Goztepe Medical Park Hospital Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Turk, CYP1B1 enzyme plays an important role in the metabolism of estrogens and breast cancer, ovarian cancer is known to his relationship with, lately of colon cancer, lung cancer and head and neck cancers were detected CYP1B1 enzimininin play an role in specifying the head and neck cancers, the growth of this enzyme is intended to durdurulabileceğinin says . Specialist Medical Oncology Specialist. Dr. Mehmet Salih İyikesici the head and neck cancers are the sixth most common cancer in the United States, 650 thousand people worldwide each year, says the head and neck cancer was put. These cancers, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses caused by epithelial cells lining the flat, indicating that Dr. Turks, is a risk factor for smoking and alcohol are expressed. This region of HPV infection (human papilloma virus) are among the factors, some genetic and environmental risk factors increased the risk of belirtijliyor.

Dr. Turk admits: Recent studies have never smoked, alcohol, smoking, and had no infection (HPV) as the primary language in 75 per cent of young people and their female patients to develop cancers that have been identified. This is a major risk factor for patients with cancer in the female hormones are thought to be effective in the formation stages. This latest study, estrogen metabolism genes and circuits formed from them were both early and late stage head and neck cancers. In this study, the first detection of head and neck cancers, estrogen, and estrogen in human head and neck tissue, as well as the relationship between the development of head and neck cancer has been shown to CYP1B1'in. With these data, the formation of tumors CYP1B1'nin biomarker (indicator) to cancer by detection of the initial lesions (precancerous) Anti-ways will be blocked. "

Prof. Dr. Mert Basaran:
Not too early
A study of basic sciences mentioned in this regard and he can bring a benefit in question. We carry the hope to reach the result may be a step. Not much too early ...

Prof. Dr. Intellectual Stuffed (Ankara Uni. Oncology Research Lab. Mer. Chairman)
There are some other factors
If the shelves, but not 100 percent effective as a medicine might be effective between 5-40 percent. But it's too early to say anything right now. There are many factors of cancer, one of the final solution, unfortunately, do not fix it.

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