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Monday, January 10, 2011

The bodies in the morgue of 4 months did not wanted to rent

Aygun Ugur brothers, Solomon and his corpse was shot in a fight in Belgium for 4 months not in Belgium, wanted to rent 20 thousand euros in the morgue. Family willing to give the money, "enough that the wait will end this torture," says

The funeral of the murdered brother of two expatriate Turks, "The investigation continues," he posted to Turkey for 4 months in Belgium, now also called for families to rent morgue. Family, about 20 thousand euros and the price willing to pay, "as long as they wait to an end this torture ersin" he says.

Two brothers living in the East Flanders region of Belgium Meulebeke settlement, 18 September, like their Turkish neighbors, fight ignited. Solomon (33) and Aygun Ugur (32) brothers, was shot dead in the early fight. Aygun family and village in Turkey, Belgium and the neighboring districts of the two suspects were arrested. Vahid living in pain, son of Double-Naciye Aygun pair, side by side for the children of the village of safe countries of the town of Afyon Emirdag kazdırdı grave. Then to get the bodies of the prosecutor's office admitted carrying out the investigation. However, the prosecutor's office, complete the application repeated 4 times, "The investigation continues," he turned down. Turkey did not allow the deceased taken to the morgue on hold. Family in Belgium in front of the morgue, relatives of the funerals in the village waited in Afyon. Wait, pending the conclusion of the family, such as torture in the coming weeks, lawyers came to a shocking new information. Hülya Aygün sister at the funeral order of the prosecutor's private morgue on hold for about 4 months Sabbe, said: "Our lawyers told us to pay rent for the morgue. 70 euros each per day rental will pay for the funeral. I've also accepted. Corpses take the money does not matter. About 20 hope to keep the morgue The bodies of the rent paid thousands of euros, "he said. Sister Aygun, the court, demanding the completion of the investigation file that holds the savcıdan 17 January 2011, saying, "look forward to meeting with corpses that day," he said. Spicy in the parents, "the death of our children are living in more pain. Ersin this waiting end torture. Corpses Let us," he cried a tear.

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