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Monday, December 20, 2010

World on the most disgusting people: Turks

Seldom seen on state television in a competition in Belgium published a scandal yaşandı.Güncelleme: December 1, 2010 10:41
In Belgium, Flemish public radio and television broadcasting in the first channel VRT'nin "De Pappenheimers" also entered the New Flemish Alliance's information (N-VA) party in the Flemish Parliament Vice-President and President Jan Peter Peumans (59) has scored a scandal.

Contest the famous French philosopher Voltaire, "The world on the most disgusting people, " admits he knows the question of which nation is defined by the elegant "Jews"instead of "Turks" who prefer the option of Peumans'ın reason was thought-provoking.


Server Tom Lenaerts: The Turks have replied, but was rather the Jews. Did you know that this really?

Peumans: I knew you, but I really do not have the balls to say something new about the Jews. Very sensitive people. Once upon a time but I've told you something about their so-called liberalism.

Other contestants Eelen: But the Turks say that unless the problem is not aboutDid he?

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