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Monday, December 20, 2010

Now I can not find a flaw on my own

Bradley Smoke 19-year-old singer. The name of the body announced Tuesday processed 19 times. Ricky Martin was the similarity in the salt, pepper. Not even the song, but there was no television programs, sought the name o.

The youngest of a family based in Thessaloniki. Was born in Hamburg, her mother lives in Istanbul. 6 years old when the theater was created for the scene thought. Turkey Aims to protest over standards. But before she had to overcome the ugliness. Spent two years and now a total of 19 action 'Ricky Martin in Turkey.

When I was little was the dream for the future?
- My search for identity ever happened. One goal, in whatever way to be on stage one day and one more inmemekti. Aurasında Everyone has an energy, a world comes to do the job. I can also be made for the stage.
Was it triggered the theater?
- Triggers, was the reaction of the people. Because the more mature age of 15, my friends, told a different stand. I had a light. Attention çekiciydim. I took music lessons. But it was not my models. Instead, I wanted to sample taking. I took lessons in dance and body posture. I grow a good çıkmalıydım early stage.
15-16 year olds is not always so conscious. Was there a reason your employer?
- My parents did not remember any time. Respect for my ideas. My best friend kendimdim again. Adolescence is a very çatışırdı dönemindeyken ideas with my friends. Get used to live like. I probably had 80 pairs shoes. Hundreds of cosmetics had my product. There was support for my mother, of course, but earning money on myself. Tanıdığımızın believe in our ability to convince a marketing firm in a good position taken away to work. Not very good money at age 16 won. But many things my brother and anneannemdi sponsor. Father, who was a child growing, fell on me too. I miss the model of a father but my father was not a human being özleyebileceğim.
Did you have such a father what model?
- Unfortunately, no. Very cliche, but a word to life long before I started yaşıtlarımdan. I stepped into some things earlier, I saw many things, so I entered the environment ... Therefore, the thick shield. Tougher stance against life and cruel.

BACKGROUND perfection

So, why each one to replace him so confident it work?
- I've made my decision 16 and a half years old. Look in the mirror, "Yes, I want to be a lot. But there are places on my face problem, "he always thought. For example, the shape of my nose bozuyordu my face. My lips too wide, muscles also sparse. Of course, like many Turkish men were falling in my hair. Halledersem the age of 18 the right side of them, a good screen kavuşurum, I thought. These were the first surgery, I decided. Doctors will wait to sit down face-shape. Completion of the development of my face when we learned that 90 percent of Metering. Eligible for surgery.
How do I let your mother?
- My mother knew that this decision will be good returns. Great debate did not happen. I just tried to be very good doctors, we went to Mugla to the first operation. The nose surgery, lip narrow, eyebrows and hair have spent planting operations.
This category was not enough?
- Face, hard as it is by playing a symmetry problems. My nose is removed from the upper lip closed. Lip silicone done. Maxillofacial prosthesis when placed on the narrow part of the left ear under the chin. Because the aesthetic you handsomeness, but promises to perfection. To do this, I had to resume these operations. Or let me groove baby processed in 19 starts, he had a dream. Durdurabilirdim. Now I'm not dependent on. Already now I can not find a flaw in myself.

I'm afraid he Gay BRAIN

- You do not have an answer. Because I insanıyım scene. I just need to hear if the place my arm and chest muscle implants. But ultimately it has not got a limit. Even my penis yaptırtabilirim aesthetic.
Ricky Martin imitate you. He wanted to be like you?
- The world's an ugly thing, try to look like one. Ricky Martin is an incredible way, but the model did not get anyone benzedim. This was written to resemble him in the news giriştiğim operations. At the same sentence, go through the step honor. I also like that I progress towards becoming a world star. Not a problem but I'm a smoke cloud forgotten.
So, how you affected the description of the Ricky Martin is gay?
- People's sexual preferences karışmıyorum more. Homosexuals, but gay brain, so I'm afraid. So yırtıcılığıyla women, men, when combined with the power of the resulting monstrosity wrist ...
Hulya Avsar, ellemişti Ricky Martin's hips. Do you also suffered harassment?
- Yes. Seda Sayan VTR been published while watching a live program, said he wants to control my hips elleyip silicon. But I finished VTR 'Come on, hand' when I say ran away. Advertising is between now and Seda Sayan Seda Uren and started squeezing my hips at the same time. Her hands came to me auspicious.
Do you have a girlfriend?
- But I am with one and a half years apart, this trending. Because rightly so jealous.


The worst two months of solid food alamamamdı jaw prosthesis is inserted. 80 kg, 49 kg fell. I was crying when I heard the smell of fried bread. These operations not only fiziğimi, my personality has changed also. It's more a man metroseksüksel. Even lying on my hair yaptırıyorum. Just using the product for 20 feet. Every day before going to bed at least an hour after taking off and doing maintenance. I give much importance to clothes. Designs 16-person team is developing. The other day I wear white Şov'da the team's only three thousand pounds kept the stones. Soon 'BLTDMN' a men's clothing brand named face.


Tests also went to the doctor close to counting to 70. Mugla, Antalya, Izmir, Germany, London and Istanbul became doctors. Izmir, chin implants, nose rötüşu, replacement cheekbone, brow bone, docking, ear reduction was performed. Istanbul, fillings, hip replacement was performed in London. Because the doctor was there to place the best physiological serum. Was less risk of an explosion. I lay down for a month. During this period, filling the upper and lower lip, lip narrow, cheeks and eye-filling in the stretching process was performed. The total cost of transactions: 79 thousand 400 dollars.

1. Rhinoplasty 6000
2. Aesthetics cheekbone 3600
3. Side chin prosthesis 6000
4. 3600 Pre-jaw prosthesis
5. Lip Collapse 2500
6. Ear aesthetics 5200
7. Brow lift 4000
8. Knees and elbows aesthetics 7000
9. Eye stretching and aesthetics around the eyes 8000
10. 9000 Hip prosthesis
11. Aesthetics of the navel 6000
12. Lifting the upper lip 3500
13. Laser hair burning 3800
14. Hair transplantation 3500
15. Eyebrow transplantation 2000
16. Lip silicone 600
17. Hair Mesotherapy 1100
18. Laser facial peel 2800
19. Brow fill from 1200 dollars.


Spear-version in three separate songs and we will remove karaokeli single'ını. Erkin Karaman received by producer David Dizdar'dan. Over the burn finishes the pop in the style of dance and the words tell. "Finish me, 'and' Impossible ateşinle 'words and sexual content, such as love songs. Life as a sex do not look just like other teenagers. Bed room a lot these days off. In fact, I can say I'm asexual. But I trust in the operations and performance even further increased.

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