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Friday, December 31, 2010

Widths of 2010

That man in the street, artists and academics third event of the year ...
Vatan said widths of 2010, citizens answered. Man on the street in 2010 most of the Israeli attack on the ship and the blue of Marmara in Taksim action bomb was sad, happy 12 Giant Man's world second place, two languages, and discussed the Kurdish initiative, WikiLeaks documents excited. Protesting students goes to the foot of the year, marked by eggs thrown

Vatan asked:

1 to 2010 in which the event affected you the most

2 - what you most in 2010 were happy to

3 - Who was the man of the year in Turkey and around the world

4 - The incident angered many or which üzüldünüz

5 - What are you waiting for 2011

3 EVENT OF THE YEAR THAT man in the street

'Delights in the success of basketball players'

* Abraham Celebrity (National Lottery Dealer-35)

1 - BDP MPs impulsive behaviors exhibited by their heads, the rest of the people violate the most effective olaylardandı.
2 - The National Basketball team is very glad the event was that the world 2.si.
3 - For me, the man of the year in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the U.S. president Barack Obama in the world.
4 - In the event showed the most response to a bombing attack on police in Taksim.
5 to 2011 people in just olmasınıdiliyorum everything.

'2010 Was lucky, my son beat cancer '

* Orhan Sugar (Florist-44)

1 to 15 years doing floriculture in Kadikoy. People are not happy at all, so do not get flowers and they do not surprise.
2 - The very glad my son to defeat cancer. Assays to go out and no longer able to play very well.
3 - Man of the Year certainly Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Obama is in the world.
4 - Mavi Marmara tepkiliyim event like everyone else.
5 - I hope this year will raise the minimum wage and all workers get a little rejoice.

'This is a kind of year I could not happier'

Turan Smith (Retired doctor soldier-55)
1-The government has made expansion of the Kurdish dragged the country into chaos. Then he tried to cover up with on the Blue Marmara.
Unfortunately, this is a kind of 2-year, I could not happier.
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu 3-year course, man.
4-In this country of 20 million hungry, poor and miserable there. The AKP is görmemezden them.
5-People who help many organizations and associations that I know is fake. So I want to give aid to hand himself.

'Simitçiyim, how happy should I! "

* Veysel Kozdal (Simitçi-47)
1 - very impressed by those of the Palestinians.
2 - This year we did nothing to make me happy. I am selling bagels here 14 hours daily for 30 pounds, while the cost of living and how I geçineyim kiram home, how should I happy!
3 - Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was the name in 2010 still outstanding.
4 - the massacre of Muslims to give this year's event the most reaction.
5 - 2011, do not expect, do not have our eyes healthy and huzurluca geçinelim enough goods to anyone.

'I could not find happiness in love'

1 - This year most impressed by the love of my life, I want to yakalayamadım happiness.
2 - However, fall in love made me happy.
3 - Man of the year in Turkey, Fenerbahce Alex de Souza, Lionel Barcelona Messi'ydi in the world.
4 - Kandil Mountain, by doing a show from the PKK terrorists to enter almost annoying.
5 to 2011 in the path of love into my life, I would like to earn money and find peace of mind.

'The assault on Taksim, very sad'

1 - yes çıkmasıydı me that most affect the outcome of the referendum event.
2 - a very intense interest in their own exhibition and have made me happy to open a.
3 - I think this year people in Turkey, CHP Administrator Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu of the year, U.S. President Obama is in the world.
4 - Taksim Square in the bomb attack was in charge of the events that upset me the most this year.
5 - all the negative events in the new year, I wish to return to positive.

'Egg protest made me very happy'

Sweet Sparkle (Housewife-48)

1 - Kurdish expansion, and the headscarf ban is absolutely the most important issue this year.
2 - Students egg latest inserted in the protest were happy to me.
3 - Jullian Assange was man of the year.
4 - Action to reduce child of a young girl who see it as inhumane.
5 - 2011, justice, Ergenekon'daki prisoner release all the innocent, to help those living on the street and I would like to remove the immunity of MPs.

'This year has not passed any good father cut off pocket money! "

Sinead Cürebal (Student-21)

Impressed me most was that the economic crisis in the 1-2010. Pocket money my father dropped by half.
2 - the biggest event this year that make me happy to be world champion Fenerbahce Acibadem volleyball team.
3 to 85 years of age by the year 2010 marked the flood-free despite the leadership of Necmettin Erbakan's name. In the WikiLeaks documents describing the world Assange Jullian.
4-2010 in etkileen me the most violent events in animals, especially in Izmir killed the cat kicked me deeply.
Do not expect 5-2011 no matter the only people more aware.

2010 ART WORLD HOW spent

Me in the street, 'Bihter cheating on you' by the paper they gave!

* Selcuk Method

1 - I think I had an event that impressed me in 2010
2 - The series of heroes by the people made me laugh real sanılması. In fact, I get the array out to learn deceived even tutuşturulmuştu paper.
3 - as a man of the year for our country and for the party and country to be president Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu'nun general, the year for the event. Obama's America is very important at the beginning of the world.
4 - very sad that our people may be unresponsive to it in 2010.
5 - People in love more than I wish sürebilmelerini shared and democratic life.

'Honey' was like a year!

* David Humanities

1 - Blue Marmara raid impressed me very much.
2 - I'm happy because of many events. I can not give it as a single answer.
3 - I think this year, Semih Kaplanoğlu man of the year. Honey sağladı.Hem film world as well as a great success in our country.
4 - Actually, a year in general was not that upset me. This year went very well for me. However, in the Marmara Baskını'nda violence, and he felt rather depressed and really impressed me happened on the ship.
5 - expect a healthy and happy new year to pass ...

I want peace for my country, 2011

1 - very sorry to flood disaster in Asia.
2 - me most happy to have the basketball team, the world second.
3 - Man of the Year Julian Assange my part. Shook the whole world.
4 - 7 İkitelli water when the kitty is cooked in the van, killing the woman is very easy.
5 - I want peace. Turkish people suffered a terrible and painful period. Ergenekon, one hand on the other hand do not have Do you have a coup attempt .. I wish our country hallolmasını problems.

ACADEMICS of 2010 assessed the

Violence against women and the law of arms very sad

Prof. Dr. Nilufer Narli

1 - right in the last days of the year, the Wikileaks documents was certainly very effective.
2 - violence against women in Turkey and impact of women's deaths appear to be out of the olaylardandı too. Turkish jewelry company into a global brand in the Promising happiness ..
3-2010 Julian Assange leaking documents to Wikileaks in no doubt the Prime Minister and discussed a lot.
4 - Gun handling and facilitate the draft law amending the law was sad.
5 - the democratic initiative launched by Turkey in 2011, the elimination of flame Sunni tension, one in the expectation ettirmesinin continue the process of harmonization with the EU. "

'Event of the year, the decision of the third bridge'

EU Expert and author of VATAN Dr.Cengiz Export

1 - The third bridge olaylardandı the most effective decision.
2 - standing against the assault on the environment around Turkey proliferation of actions made me happy.
3 - Man of the Year Julian Assange WikiLeaks'in was boss.
4 - response to requests received the Presidential system.
5 - duymayacağımız need to change for many years, make it easier to find solutions to our problems, the new constitution, a citizen-oriented four-round, the current environmental disaster will be given an answer to the common mind earthly wish.

'Very impressed by Iran's missile strategy'

Prof. Dr. Hasan Köni

1 - Iran's foreign policy this year's Nuclear Missile Systems was very impressed.
2 - Turkey hot money in, if the economy goes well Promising happiness.
3 - do not have any of what I see as the man of the year.
4 - response showed you do not have a special event or regret. Disgrace 'Cause I see, in politics the same continues.
5 - I think of the new year will pass motion. After March 1 will be very active, the Kurdish question. However, such reports are prepared on the problem of a flame, there are meetings. 2011 in every way to live both inside and out fast. "

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