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Friday, December 31, 2010

Carrying the Olympic snow!

Imams was prayer. Without the artificial snow precipitation is expected to supplement ...
Carrying the Olympic snow! World University Winter Games in Erzurum, troubled days before the No.. Jump to profit by the end of December this year, the city was wrapped with white. Imams was prayer. Expected rainfall at least supplement the artificial snow.

Which will contribute to promoting the country, preparing meticulously maintained for several months prior to the 25th World University Winter Games 'snow' pains. Normally, the heavy snowfall in the end of the range was not expected this year in Erzurum. Rainfall is low, the authorities uneasy.

Games will start on January 27 before, citizens, city managers and the organization as the team everyone is praying for snow. Measures were taken to avoid the possibility of the expected rainfall. Games will take place 'Kiremitlik Hill jumping towers and Kandilli 1 each, and Palandöken 2'şer Konakli total of 6 ponds created. If necessary, artificial snow machines, these ponds by creating custom circuits to be transferred.

According to a report Akşam'ın, Erzurum, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Robert Çintimar, pray they said: 'we will pray for cool weather and no snow in Erzurum would never think of. Yağardı snow over a meter in November and December. We spend an unprofitable season this year. 6 artificial snow made pond near the runways. If you are using the artificial snow, snow yağmazsa these ponds, trails will create. "

The 1st Inter-University Games last week, jumping towers, high parts of the same difficulties experienced by trucks and snow skiing Çintimar indicating that they are said: 'He had never seen snow machines can not run in the temperature minus 2. Now you do not have snow, but the weather is cold. Machines can work. No shortage of games in the period of snow, the temperature at minus grades will pray for the decrease. "

BUT ... for snow

Erzurum, 'profit' while waiting for good news came Meteoroloji'den. Snow, the city will enter the new year. However, whether or not is not clear enough.

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