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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spoke for the first time: the country went off the edge

Critical decisions in the cases said the outstanding name for the first time, see what he said

Retired from membership of the Constitutional Court Sacit Islander, 17 years his critical remarks came forward and defended the decision of cases. Straight line gave up even though I always target a specific sector. "Civil and tutelage of a constitution completely finished," said Islander, speaks to the press for the first time. Here is the interview ... Aksiyon'da

-AK Party closure case 'focus' was the reason for the direction of your use of voting?

Ecevit (Bulent) in the party constitution changed and zorlaştırıldı off. Punishment is not only off from him before the deprivation of state assistance or aid, all or a portion of the non-refundable penalty getirildi.AK Partiodak Do not Have a lot was discussed. 'Final focus' There were people, wanted to shut down, a part of the 'focus was not at all' he said. Some of the 'closure will not go, a fine of up to secularism has been damaging' he said, and wanted to give an intermediate punishment. The result was voting, and shut down the party was made a ikazda. This decision was Turkey's highest good.


Economic, social, political earthquake was to enter an interim solution. Dec. solution, the country turned to the edge of the cliff. 'I is not the focus' or 'very heavy odaktır, closed' çıksaydı decision probably would not be at the location of Turkey at the moment, at some point would have been very different. There are one, no. Output of such a provision.

Much discussed in the decision -367?

Yes. Turkey mature. Also those who are maturing in the Administration. Obfuscate the ground is the smallest markets, banks çekilirdi coins. Now is a very big things, no one feels uncomfortable. Turkey casting over them, increasing level of maturity. Maybe we break each other, but the dialogue continues between politicians. Dialogue brings reconciliation, prevents conflict. As signs of maturity are establishing dialogue. Yapışmıyoruz each other's throats in Kızsak. Me go to the level of mature nations.

How to look at history as the last in this litigation-legal blows I need?

The system has attempted to certain forces oturmamışsa power holders. Own interests, requests, demands may wish to happen. But now the nation stronger.


There is already a vote, but a rich class, the bourgeois class also seems to Anatolia. Rising per capita income level. Happening, what seems like an illusion, rising per capita income has a direct relationship with the development of democracy. Would not be where we stopped, not the politically maneuvers. The emergence of the people I have to say I am. There are two ways for this, or will have an authority or the owner of the capital ... Power of two people who are taking place. Except for physical strength. If the owner has knowledge of authority there. People with something to lose increased. There were more people in the past, do not lose anything. Marx's have a word: people who are not anything to lose except the chains, even where the chains.

Cause-status quo against the Anatolian capital?

'My partner is here tezgâhıma' s idea of the status quo. Being asked to advocate a common workbench. They want to eliminate the Anatolian tigers for him.


February 28, the military-not a political maneuver, it is economical. And business capital of Istanbul, Anatolia, and really wanted to avoid another period of flourishing bourgeois Anatolian capital, was destroyed. Many names were included in the target, and many companies were batırılmaya was sunk. They may be errors, but do you warning, that there is no sense of avoiding capital!

Simplify your life, you say I set up the Citizen's Party-a conversation?

Citizen kakıldı very pushed. Citizens do not want to shove, the needs, wants are met by people who see themselves as the master. Görülmeyince angry. Course of a party, not of any ideology, who fulfill every desire of our people ... There was more than I used to bureaucracy.

-Ozal chose siziAnayasa Mahkemesiadaylığına how? This was a surprise for you?

Özal, Süleyman Arslan appointed before the deceased. Yekta Gungor Ozden, however, the then President of the Court, Arslan opposed. Ozal, 'can not interfere with the president's savings' he resisted, but also resisted Ozden. Arslan into his room, arabakullanması, make correspondence with the secretary denied. Three months, the court failed to enter. Came the doors locked, I always came back was very mutazarrır. The President met with him, asked him to resign. We came to mind on it. This was the end of 1992, 22 February tayinimiz output, the duty began on March 9.

-Always, "one of the two members appointed by Özal as" anıldınız? It was bothering you?

'Title came with the request that it' would be better denmese. This preference. So the president has chosen that day, today it is. A matter of preference. "Guilt and a half, Ozal, Sezer's man," he sıfatlandırılıyor. Have made a choice, his time there, whether anyone is leaving service.

-Ozal 'la Did you know each other?

No tanışmıyorduk, but rather that I had written an article against Ozal. I write what I know, although the article and vote against the loss was still chose me.

No see-no?

I just came to an oath ceremony. Ceremony on April 16, 'you see you in a' he said. I will visit you in the immediate neighborhood, I said. Died on April 17. I do not visit was the other universe.

-Reacted because of the writing?

There was no tarizde. In order to use a book written its entering the European Union. We called Western culture devamıyız. We criticized him in his youth. He criticized the policy of not knowing the meaning.

Photos-have in your room? Why is exceeded?

A man living in Turkey, breaking circuits. The path to democratization, liberalism paved the way for. No longer feel the need of making the termination of the second sınıfmış treated as citizens. As the economy has a different açılımda Menderes'ten. Encourages the production of exports, but does not know that the production of wealth. We also did not understand him at that time. Apparently manufacturers without mobilizing the demand goes way, insufficient domestic consumption, pays attention to the outside wheel faster than the industry dönsün. Without the industry will produce what is requested?

-Ozal of death of the subject being discussed?

Opinion on the need to informing zanlar without conclusive evidence. 'God bless' saying let's look after it.

-Baku at home while serving as dean tutmayıp was the reason for staying in dorms with students?

Dating, the first time abroad. Faculty of Business and 15 students agreed to go to the Turkish World. They need to brother; distant lands, high school age children disappear. They've done big brother. Tutulmasa hands have gone lost.

-Do you write your memories?

Let's see.

-How do you assess student events? Innocent?

Let's be more calm, polite people pretend to each other. Everyone is going to say anger, as the dominant ideology sing. Power and not brute force.

Democratic-constitutional amendment package is a turning point?

In a democratic step. This is a process ... never returned to the back. Hayırla survivor worthy of mention. Turkey Hill also değişikliğiile alınıyor.Anayasa çıkılsa way uphill along quite nicely katlanmakla burden is on its way out. Atatürk's level of contemporary civilizations uzaklaşmıyor countries, but rather approaching them. Economic, political and cultural integration with the world state is Turkey. This, of course, will be led by legal regulations. The Constitution established a system that will be parallel to the internal layout process. This is a step.

What is a post-step?

That will require a constitutional civil. Turkey to succeed him. Because no one can change the direction of flow of water, flowing water, how much difficulty even if mecrasını finds. Turkey is a good way, we see the consequences of accepting the person-centered world view. State of the state we all love, but not for himself, has for the nation. The State is a virtual organization. The state government consists of people within the authority of the owner. State, heads produce a political phenomenon, its agents, as tangible, bodies, officers. So that individuals and institutions, 'the administration would like to say' You will require people to be a servant, he must be the owner of understanding.

-Government, adopted in Turkey Does hizmetkârlığı?

Here I was a member of the Constitutional Court at the previous university, I always saw myself as a servant of the citizen. Taught us that. The State is not the lord of the citizen, the citizen a more peaceful, comfortable to live in a mechanism that will serve him. Keep Başbakanından servant of everyone. Don 't like you go, do not need to shout and call. You go, the better the income.

Look how the citizen-bureaucracy and politics?

Citizen's elections, the unquestionable legitimacy of the game. We are open to debate even the citizen's game. Show respect for politics. Citizen service is waiting. Every person has the chance to come a time in the world, a peaceful, friendly, wants a life of respect and affection in the will, so the civil servants, general managers, will Undersecretaries. Everyone will work to see the needs of citizens. But we have a layer of the elite at the top of citizens.

-Civil must be what the constitution?

Completely finish the guardianship system, our people must be trusted to show the ingredients. Human error can, the state also makes mistakes. Olgunlaşılır Error doing.

-More than there are those who oppose democracy?

Yes. Citizen olgunlaşmadı people, 'so much democracy, freedoms will drown the bad results' are they of the opinion. Let's drown once, as soon as possible hazmedecektir. Everyone is intelligent, is not fool no one. Everyone knows the benefits of, where what is the future of the account. What detriment, knows what is the benefit of the people. Trust people more liberal, less than composed of material prepared for a constitution.

-Which substances are bound to change?

Republic of Turkey to protect it as if it touched yıkılacakmış expressions, institutions such as the National Security Council, 'we are protective, Protective must be said' do not need substances.

-However, there are still fears, what is the reason?

It sat in the republic, no one over the sökemez. Turkey is a very sat. I still see children treated. It does not know what to do! Knowles, knows better than you. Not to rely on the fight, the source of the conflict poses. Should protect each other, trust each other; error wholesale who did not deny, deny until failure. Have a biased perspective. May be differences of opinion. The person just kınayabilirsiniz verb. Because of persecution and torture his body can not act. Legally give a penalty. In Islam, this is the case in positive law. Contact kınayalım until his error. Dialogue, let us warn each other in good faith.

Insecurity can be overcome-how?

What have we mean nothing from each other? Insanlarıyız the same geography, the same date, are getting in the water drinking, speak the same language. Our minimum, not maximum müştereklerimiz there, even the most remote people mentioned. Parses each other in such a society is, Does he argues that different from each other?

-What is it then?

The difference in width of a cigarette paper yekdiğerinden Everyone is counting the concession. No! A municipal worker cleans up the streets in honor and dignity of a president has. Why is it I'm the second, as third-class people in the crowd! We were born naked crying. Here we are bringing the world of the period between the two concessions. When there are differences in what the setting die. Both of them are not in our hands. How we are born equal, equal live our lives. This is the motto that should not be a gilt on paper; hazmetmeli it, we must apply to our lives. Balanced, to be measured, is important to be able to account for a statesman, I would like to add one more thing to them: Accessibility.

Politicians and bureaucrats-bit inaccessible?

Muhteremdir Devletlularımız yes, saygındır, but some of ulaşılmıyor. Unavailable. Very respectable people, but it is an ivory kuledeler, very difficult to reach them. Recep Yazicioglu for example, an open door valiydi late. So ulaşılabilirdi. The manager, the citizen servant, so that the door should be open at all times.

The constitutional amendment will also change the mindset of-?

Law change would lead to the change of minds. Varies only paper promises will not change the Constitution, it necessarily reflects the inner world.

Endowed and not more than the value of the rights Soke Soke is known we will exploit those rights ourselves, nor what will allowed to use someone else's abuse. The value of the rights mentioned a little unclear, so despised is being used. Needs to get right, and you get a rate in proportion is important to know its value.

Resist-change process does not read?

They all read yesterday's revolutionaries, but they get the administration from the status quo over time and become STAGNATE revenues. This time a group of their interest in this static gocunan manners testify to thee, they take the title of revolutionary. Yesterday's revolutionaries back to the understanding of types of calls, this time becomes progressive. And it still costs way to change the status quo, this is a round voyage-i permanent.

There is a danger of falling to-Revolutionaries statükoculuğa tomorrow then. What is the best way to resolve this?

Who came to power, will always require to keep open ways to renew themselves. 'Wolf, I had enough, no one account do not ask me,' you said you bitmişsindir. I ask everyone account. Iktidardayım now, but this is temporary, I always have to renovate, old taraflarımı, the institutions become unusable, I need to renew my views.

-Turkey 'Is the status quo was in those revolutions?

Yes. Yesterday's revolutionary and innovative people, government administrators, the state fell to status quo. Themselves untouchable, exclusive clan addedip 'hit the back of the citizens, take bread from the mouth' with the thought they saw themselves as the only judge. No. You get yourself there is always keep the subject of reform, no system can not remain standing.

Sacit Islander who?

Islander, 5 March 1945, was born in Isparta, Egirdir. Istanbul Saraçhanebaşı Fidelity High School High School and later studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University. France has a PhD in Management Sciences at the University of Rannes. In 1976, associate professor, became professor in 1983. Several public institutions took on various tasks, especially in the SPO. The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Istanbul and the Turkish World Research Foundation, in collaboration with the center of Baku, 1 November 1992, took on the task of opening the Turkish World School of Business Administration dean. While carrying out this task, representing the Board of Higher Education appointed a member of the Constitutional Court is chosen by President Ozal in 1993, began on March 9. 6 March 2010 and retired from that post overly years. Islander, Turgut Ozal opened this year at the University of education serves as Dean of the Faculty of Law.


Process and the factors that cause the shutdown issue on the agenda of the Ergenekon case:

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