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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Demirtas: Revolt no idea

Assembly President Mehmet Ali Sahin, warned BDP'liler met with harsh language.

BDP Chairman Selahattin Demirtas, to discuss the "also contains discussions of violence, racism, leaving free unless it contains, the Parliament stated that the place we have the solution." he said.

Sahin Demirtas from meeting with President of the Parliament, meeting on the "Mr. President of the Assembly, the president and all the will of Parliament as a representative figure of Parliament confirmed that it was the place of the solution. We are open to strengthening the role of politics, political parties, especially the serious problems in Turkey cut off the front in the search for a solution, also contains discussions of violence, racism, and complete unless it contains should be left free in the quest for peace in the strengthening of democratic politics, we have the power to give a more accurate phrase would be. " he said.

Chairman of the Assembly, especially if the studies related parties if it is a misconception by talking to him face to face to express anlatabileceklerini Demirtas, said: "Our party solution for projects previously presented to Parliament vardı.DTPdöneminde know booklet democratic autonomy. It again We gave the President of the Assembly. solution, we express once again what we understand, Mr. President of the Assembly. "


Demirtas, the Parliament pointed to the authority of the solution of problems. Such discussions should be stated that political parties interlocutor. Demirtas, "Political discussions interlocutors political parties, civil society organizations, have expressed medyaolduğunu. The army, the President of the Assembly specified that directly harm the political parties, political statements at the target area. Görüşmeydi positive for us. I believe in dialogue in an effort to understand each other as long as will contribute. " assessment made.


Demirtas, Chairman of the Parliament following aktardıklarını Sahin said: "President of the Assembly 'Our parliament does not demand the two languages. Diyarbakir text in a text to be discussed. There are some points need to fix it. Israrcıyız on-site management, this is our vaadimizdir. When searching for political solutions, it does not teach them to other places to shoot. "

Demirtas, posts will become democratic, while insisting on autonomy, autonomy of local governments to strengthen democratic kastettiklerini claimed. Demirtas, never thinking that such a revolt, the expressions used to attract public attention to some colleagues claimed.


Demirtas, 'two languages' discussion about the implicit message was hard to meet the Chief of Staff. Co-chairman of the BDP, "say a few words in the mother tongue of Judgement koparmaz. I'm sorry that no one at the podium, what are curses. Drunk are drunk conversations. But the language spoken by millions of people worry about a lawmaker wants to explain the almost military coup will do." the words said.

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