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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Single track and robbing couples sevişmelerini

Unmarried couples to make love at gunpoint from the car to Çomar Corum dam guarding then 33-year-old allegedly usurped EmOC captured by the gendarmerie. EmOC, were arrested and sent to prison by a court of extraction.


Corum single in the last 5 months when they go ride a 4-couple Çomar Dam and make love to a person that they seized at gunpoint forced the Gendarmerie Central Command filed a complaint put forward. Report launched on the work of the gendarmerie patrol around the dam.

Last Friday the gendarmerie teams AOB'nin movements of farmers suspected the father of 3 children. Gendarmerie, B. 's photograph of the victims showing asked them to identify the suspect. Identify themselves to their extortion that has any other photo editing on the dominant home AOB'nin Güneyköy'deki detained. Shotgun used during the event and also seized a flashlight. B. The statement accepting blame, "the dam in the car I saw around half an hour or so I watched the pair. I waited from removing their clothes on. Çıkardıklarında clothes approached the car I opened the door. I wanted the gun, pointing sevişmelerini. Then, wallets, cell phones, taking away from there, "he said.

EmOC, were arrested and sent to prison today by a court guard removed.

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