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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

F. Garden Ulker 67-56 Galatasaray CC

Beko Basketball League in 2010 played in the last derby between Fenerbahce Ulker Galatasaray Cafe Crown.

Cimbom, yellow-Alex who led his team 67-56 after beating arch-rival took over the chair ...

Expected to meet President Adnan Polat, Galatasaray SK, Galatasaray Manage your Board members, administrators, Omar Based Teams and Hakan Dinçay, MHK TBF Vice President and President of the text Sahin, Board of TBF, TBF Secretary General Ali Ozsoy, Aaron Erdenay National Team Manager, National Teams Administration Basketball Manager Barbara Akkas and 10,000 followed.


Who want to watch the final derby match of 2010 failed to make the hall a large number of Galatasaray supporters.

Yellow-red and about 3 thousand supporters gathered outside the hall, not inside giremezken tickets, regretfully had to keep their way home.


Academy Under-17 game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce Football League match in Istanbul after the events of Safety, potadaki before the derby match has extensive security measures.

Konuşlanırken riot outside the hall teams, forming barricades around the hall, head to toe by calling all the fans were inside.

Tickets are not on the side of the fans gathered in the hall and waited for a long time.

Fenerbahce fans did not take place in the match due to an agreement.


Galatasaray fans cheering for doping made against Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce Women's Basketball team in the Diana Taurasi'nin A sample of yellow-red fans cheering on the doping saptanmasıyla, "Doping yapsana, Sports doping yapsana" they shouted.

Fenerbahce did not come CORE PRESIDENT AZIZ YILDIRIM

Sports Club President Aziz Yildirim, Galatasaray derby match played with did not come.

Fenerbahce all comfort in following the matches almazken Lightning president, match the yellow-based and Hakan Dinçay Omar Alex who was represented by club managers.

Club president Adnan Polat, Galatasaray, and together with members of the Board of Directors meeting Tribünü'nde protocol was followed.

FAN HEAD listen

Galatasaray fans before the match chairman Adnan Polat "abusive cheering not do" listen to the call.

The fans, from time to time against Fenerbahce tezahüratlarda found severely abusive.


Arda Turan Galatasaray Football Team Captain, to support men's basketball team came to the match.

The fans show great interest in the Arda, the "Great Captain Arda Turan," he did cheer.


Fenerbahce Ulker Galatasaray Cafe Crown-match, played last season behind the bench because of a hand movement from the event due to his female fans, security forces took action in this area.

Teams of players sitting on the sidelines and back into the technical committee elicited no fans, here the hands of private security guards and riot police officers sat down with plastic shields.

Press-box was not enough

Derby encounter with media also showed great interest in the press tribune was not enough.

Due to the number of accreditation, the task could not find a seat for the match, some members of the media.

HALL: Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall
REFEREE: Peter Kennerman - Mehmet Serdar Unal - Semih Vural

GALATASARAY CAFE CROWN (67): Josh Shipp 11 (8 rebounds), Caner Topaloglu 2 (1 rebounds), Preston Shumpert 16 (4 rebounds, 1 assist), Taylor Rocheste (2 rebounds, 1 assist), Passion On 12 (6 rebounds - 7 assists), Luksa Andric 5 (2 rebounds), Radoslav Rancik 11 (3 rebounds, 2 assists), Haluk Yildirim (1 rebounds-1 assists), the Universe Büker 5 (3 rebounds), Sertac Sanli, Ermal Kurtoglu 5 (4 rebounds).

Fenerbahce Ulker (56): Roko Ukic 8 (1 rebounds-3 assists), Mirsad Turkcan 3 (3 rebounds), Omer Onan 16 (2 rebounds, 1 assist), Lynn Greer (1 rebounds), Darjus Lavrinovic 1 (7 rebounds- 2 assists), Kaya Peker 6 (9 rebounds), Alex War 14 (4 rebounds, 1 assist), Tarence Kinsey 2 (5 rebounds, 1 assist), Marko Tomas 3 (3 rebounds), Emir Preldzic 3 (1 rebounds-1 assists)

1.PERİYOT: 12-15
2.PERİYOT: 15-14
3.PERİYOT: 15-15
4.PERİYOT: 25-12

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