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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sener Kocaman'a sending ..

Trabzonspor Chairman Sadri Şener champion this year if they are thinking for many years say that this success will continue, transfer, Jaja, and made statements about Aykut big ..

Seneca, in his statement, the circuit is performed between the reinforcement positions demanded by the technical committee said,''In the meantime, always beyond the event by making transfers. We will also hand in the new period,''he said infrastructure.

Government wishes to see the new faces of the people from time to time to make some changes so the new board of directors and the regeneration of expression goes, the Seneca,''We have obtained an advantage. But our opponents in the race for the championship atmamalıyız wild. However, I feel like saying this success for many years if we continue to champion this season,''he said.

Sadri Şener Inan Selcuk menajeriyle negotiating player contracts in the recording ended,''Antalya camp circuit this oyuncumuzla fully agree and would like to sign the contract''he said.

Sadri Sener, League participated in a program on TV this year announced the completion of first place by collecting 42 points in the first half of the league said,''There are points difference between us but that does not mean that everything is over. Şımarmamak, need to press the foot down. I hope we get a happy ending,''he said at the end of the season.

'We have Champion' diyemeyeceklerini Sener stated,''it says, would immediately appeal. Does not enter into the air. The league's second-half Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas in Istanbul to play with. Meet tomorrow's second match of the second away game with Fenerbahce. If we are not defeated deplasmanlarda advantage of this great catch. But on the first semi-final at the end got a good advantage. Maybe a teacher, to ask for two reinforcements. He supplements have mecburiyetimiz making. We must seize the opportunity we have created for the teacher wants 1-2 footballer''he said.

Sener explains that the search for the transfer of Argentina,''is difficult to transfer from the circuit. Or are the players coming out of injury or kavgalıdır or expensive. But Turkey Cup and league matches in front of us there. Snow, winter conditions there. For this to be a wide range of staff. All things we are not fully. There eksikliğimiz striker replacement. Mustafa Serkan cezalıydı instead we had to play. The new administration will try to find a solution as a transfer,''he said.

Sener noted that differences in 9 points with Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce''But in the end ... But the other is closer to the community as large as Bursaspor points. A difficult second half is waiting for us. Each team will be targets. Eyes began to advance on us. Aykut big favorite of mine, '3 'was not the penalty' he says. Aykut diplomat, I see I like. Should the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Teacher I would like you had, that I saw him at that level. Very like a teacher. Maybe you had to say. Own interpretation of a result. The number of penalties go hit that even in the middle of our match was won 1-0. Penalty in the second half to give plenty of willing referees Fenerbahce. That rule requires him''he said.

President Sener, showing the child's illness and its justification even though Brazil is not allowed to return to Trabzon Jaja'nın said.

This course football is not as you went Teofilo'nun Sener noted,''We speak Menajeriyle. Jaja future. Also admits that his manager would take the penalty. Will take part in the second half,''he said.

Sener, who the players in the country shaped like a question, while the''free kicks like Alex. I like the players as their own. Fenerbahce right-back Gokhan like. I admire your urgency''he said.

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