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Monday, December 20, 2010

Galatasaray Konya Anıl'arı ..

A young soccer players from the team for the infrastructure Galatasaray Konya displacement direction of good and bad memories there.

Looking forward to standing up for re-drawing the circuit between Galatasaray, the first half last week passed Konyaspor'u 1-at 0. Yellow-kırmızılılara crucial away goal brings 3 points for the first time a team has chances came Dilaver Anil. Florya grown players is to Because the different meanings of Konya.

Cimbom'da 'Konya' is mentioned, no doubt the first name that comes to mind Aydin Yilmaz. 2005-2006 season 18 Galatasaray Konyaspor week of his opponent. Teams competing for the championship with a Lion, an away goal could not find any searching. Eric Gerets'in 84 minutes in the game soktuuğu Aydin, 90 2, and the team comes to life on stage. A 17-year-old player who scored the team took part in the first match, so that the end of the season would have won a share of şampiyonlukta.

Galatasaray in the 2007-2008 season, this time with a bad anıyla separated from Konya. Yellow-red in the team's most successful names in the season, Ugur Ucar, 22 taklihsiz a disability spends weeks in the struggle. Match played on ice-covered ground, the infrastructure from the Uğur, yet 19 per minute is broken knee cap. Sports championship rope breasts, but the young players on the fields Feldkamp'ın indispensable return takes 1.5 years.

Konya, Aydin Yilmaz, such as positive displacement Dilaver striking last name was Anil. Coach Hagi Baros'un injury due to the A2 and Pino card cezalısı gave Anıl'a chance. Match starting end forth the number '66 'young players, an important position in the first half of harcasa, 81 recorded one goal per minute chic. Anil providing a peaceful entry into the circuit between the team a little bit, the first match of a team technical team managed to enter the eye.

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