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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sakarya massacre

His family came to visit the district of Sakarya Akyazi young, her parents and 2 sisters, even though a gun had been killed.

According to information, university students who study in Antalya Text Stars in the morning hours of sitting in the neighborhood of Batakköy his family came to visit.

After entering the house, screaming out for a while in shock, seeing the neighbors of the text Yıldız, 112 Emergency Service crews told. Text from the district health teams in a short time, trying to intervene Yildiz, the information received at home, four dead bodies.

Then call the police when they entered the home health team faced an intense smell of gas. The smell of gas coming from the kitchen at the scene firefighters found left open due to the tube, while the environment has wide security measures.

Police entered the home teams Erol Stars, his wife had been killed Hani Stars with daughters Katy and Elif Yıldız weapon set.

Starting large-scale investigation of the incident, was taken to the police station by police teams in the Text Star.

SUSPECT, the way to the Netherlands Captured

The town of Sakarya Akyazi Erol Stars, his wife and daughter, Katy and Elif Yıldız öldürülmeleriyle Hani Stars is a person, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, was taken into custody.

According to information from event-related sought Erol Yıldız YY's brother, was captured while trying to go to Holland Sahiha Gokcen Airport.

Y.Y taken to the police station at the airport of Sakarya to be delivered from the police team, said.

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