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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playboy 'harem' told

Last weekend, 60 years younger self, came up American model Crystal Harris nişanlanarak, Playboy magazine boss Hugh Hefner'ın (84) is the owner of Playboy comes out Malikesi'nin secrets.

First, in 1953, began the work of a famous movie star Marilyn Monroe Playboy photos of Hugh Hefner, Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles from the 1970s until today did you mention the name of crazy parties. Manor Hef'in beautiful women and celebrities all over the world javelin thrown parties on behalf of Playboy provides, for the sake of the party to win an invitation to review the çıkarırdı many people, even 10 thousand dollars. However, the focus of attention of girls of Playboy, "Hef" in the mansion parties and entertaining guests as always remained secret. Til the old rabbit girl Izabella St James, Playboy 'harem'ini writes a book about the ...

Katarina tavşankızı Izabella Kasprzyk former Polish Playboy, 'Tavşankız Tales: Playboy Mansion Behind Closed Doors' (Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors At The Playboy Mansion) wrote a book called. Playboy Mansion happened in the book of James, and poured a lot of celebrities unlimited fantasies.

For two years living in the Playboy magazine owner Hugh Hefner'ın estate, James collects his memoirs in the book, Leonardo Di Caprio'dan, Colin Farrell'a allegations about sexual fantasies were of many celebrities. Other Caprio'nun favorite blondes indicating James was leaving with a crazy party girl, 6, and claimed that he along with the girls.

American actor Owen Wilson in the show-goers Playboy Malikanesi'nin James, Colin Farrel'ın favorite place in the "place of residence, each had a garden full of showers. Juices when you open, you feel like raining. Colin's favorite place was here. " he said.

On the other hand, James is a luxurious manor house offers a very different life, in fact, is different in different rooms of furniture, sheets, even wrote that the old and stained. Suffering from the carpet in the room eskiliğinden Hef'in James, Hef'in feces of dogs living room carpet because he says now rotten.

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