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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Record for the last 20 years in Turkish cinema

Continued rapid development of Turkish cinema, the audience and box office figures for 2010 and reached the summit of the last 20 years.

Domestic and foreign productions into the vision behind each other in 2010, the number of spectators for the golden years of Turkish cinema box office and lived. This year, 243 films, including 66 native silver screen, while the total number of spectators saw the summit of the last 20 years has passed 40 million. Filmmakers also face domestic box-office figures laugh.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, according to information obtained from the Directorate General of Copyrights and Cinema, in 2010 the total number of audience reached 40 million 714 thousand 451, the total box office revenue was 375 million 780 thousand 953 TL.

Copyrights and Cinema Director General Abdul Steel, box-office and said they had a good year in terms of number of spectators, the last period of the Turkish cinema sector has become a shining star of Europe, he said.

Culture and Tourism Ministry to spend every effort to pave the way for the recording industry Steel, cinema, film industry development in increasing the effectiveness of success reported.

Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Tajikistan, United States (Miami, New York), Canada (Montreal and Toronto), Ukraine, India, Qatar, Algeria, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Russia, London, Mumbai, Bangkok, Frankfurt, China and Denmark, this year the Turkish Film Weeks of''successful''reminiscent of the steel is organized, provided participation in the American Film Market, Cannes and Berlin film festivals, said the opening of Turkey stand.

Steel, feature-length feature films in 2010 to provide support for the decision taken after 2, 7-refundable total of 39 films, including a total of 9 million 351 thousand TL in the administration decided that by expressing support for these films has signed a contract with the Ministry 37 of them, separated from the source 9 million 50 thousand TL in the use of support voiced.

Support the user indicating that the rate of 97 percent steel, as well as Phoenician, Mut, Soma, Erfelek, Ilgın, Aliaga, Army and Kahta residential centers for the purchase of film makers, and the necessary equipment, reported a total of 215 thousand TL support is provided.

Touching is a very serious interest in Hollywood and Bollywood against Turkey Steel,''We are trying to keep warm in this interest. Film industry should not be read as screenland. Cinema, the country's most important contribution to the promotion of cultural events being social, one of the functions. Unfortunately we could not fathom the importance of it. Just as the General Directorate of Copyrights and Cinema, but also other government institutions of our country to the fore in the international arena can draw it out of support,''he said.

In 2005 the government issued the Law on Cinema success brought with it emphasizes Steel,''Honey 'Golden Bear' award received this year, Nuri Bilge Ceylan won best director at Cannes. These are not things to be underestimated. The World is watched by the Turkish cinema has become a serious''he said.

34 feature-length film festival in Turkey is currently voicing Steel,''documentary, short films and film festival, along with others have 134. Combine two movies for the event is done only in Turkey, close to 170. From before 2004, that number was 10-12. This means that the public also comes with its own cinema,''he said.

Increased traceability of Turkish films, foreign films before, indicating a high rate of steel, up to 80 percent of foreign films in contrast to the rate of Turning the times told.

According to data from the year 2010, including 66 domestic movie was released in 243. Last year, 18 million 790 thousand 700 of the local movie audience has reached 21 million 803 thousand 610'a. Local movie times the rate 50.92 percent from 53.55 percent increased to. However, foreign film, while 49.08 percent rating in 2009, 46.45 percent of this year dropped to.

The total number of audience reached its highest level in 20 years, as recorded in 2010 40 million 714 thousand 451. In terms of box office revenues in 2009 of gold a year living in the Turkish cinema was £ 147 million 755 thousand 564 thousand 812 TL 97 of this year reached 187 million.

Turkish films shown in cinemas last year, grossed £ 307 million 954 thousand 952, while in 2010 this figure amounted to 375 million 780 thousand 953 TL.

According to the evaluation of 2010, the most watched 10 films are as follows:
Minaret in New York Five'': 3 million 424 thousand 310, Recep İvedik 3: 3 million 325 thousand 842, Alas Alas: 2 million 459 thousand 815, Sherlock Holmes: 2 million 323 thousand 61, Hunting Season: 1 million 574 thousand 312, Multi-Release Movements These are: 1 million 141 thousand 448, Start: 1 million 100 thousand 309, Eclipse, Twilight Saga: 1 million 41 thousand 920, Farewell: 1 million 28 thousand 32, our lesson Ataturk: 861 thousand 468''

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