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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How much tax you will pay what?

Income Tax, tariff revenue amount to be applied first to my tongue, to be effective from January 1, 2011 increased to 8,800 pounds 9,400 pounds.

According to tax regulations, published in the Official Gazette in the number of duplicate, in the new year with 9,400 pounds on revenue up 15 percent, 35 percent of income tax to be applied over 53 thousand lira.
Such regulation, according to the income tax on the tariff will be valid in the new year:

-9400 Up to TL: 15 percent
-23,000 For the TL 9400 TL 1410, more than: 20 percent
4130 TL to TL 23,000 -53,000 (fee revenues
£ 80,000 TL 4,130 to 23,000 pounds) more than: 27 percent
More than £ 53,000 from £ 12,230 to -53,000 TL,
(Wage income of more than 80,000 TL 80,000 TL
to £ 19,520) surplus: 35-percent


Residential rental revenues in the amount of 2,600 pounds exception, to be applied in the new year as 2800 pounds.
Outside the workplace by employers or business premises where service is provided by granting erbabına eat the amount of interest, or 10.70 pounds were the exception.

Disability allowance is the amount of 700 pounds in the new year to disable the first degree, second degree to disable 350 pounds, 170 pounds will have to Disable the third degree.

Simple procedures to be subject to general business conditions, the amount of the rental cost of 4,600 pounds or greater within the boundaries of the municipality, to be applied in other places as 3,200 pounds.

Simple procedures to be subject to special conditions in terms of determining the increase after the new rates were between 32 thousand pounds to 96 thousand pounds.

Earnings increase for the new year, 8 thousand pounds, a 19-thousand pounds incidental earnings will exception.
And not subject to withholding tax exemption limit in securities and real estate capital iratlarına making the declaration will be 1,170 pounds.

NEW YEAR TAXES Security Insurance for motor vehicles

Motor Vehicles Tax General Communiqué published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, 7.7 per cent for the year 2010 within the framework of the re-valuation of motor vehicles tax rate increased from the date of January 1, 2011. Car, station wagon, land vehicles and motorcycles and the like, to be paid an annual tax amount, according to age of vehicles will change. 300 cm ³ engine cylinder capacity between the ages of 1-3 thousand cars and below £ 436; 1301-1600 cm ³ up to £ 697 cars; 1601-1800 cm ³ up to £ 227 thousand automobiles, 1801-2000 cm ³ up to 931 thousand cars TL; 2001-2500 cm ³ up to 2 thousand 987 TL in cars; 2501-3000 cm ³ up to £ 38 cars, 4 thousand, 3001-3500 cm ³ up to 6 thousand 150 TL in cars; 3501-4000 cm ³ up to 9 cars £ 677 thousand, 15 thousand cars in 4000 cc and above £ 820 tax to be paid. If the tax amount to be paid from 1-3 years on motorcycles will be as follows:

"100-250 cm ³ up to £ 84, 251-650 cm ³ up to £ 172, 651-1200 cm ³ up to £ 436; 1201 cc and above the £ 52 thousand."

£ 523 annual tax amount to be paid from 1-6 years minibuses, panel vans and motor caravans £ 697 and below 1,900 cc, 1901 cc and above the £ 52 thousand to be applied. Passenger buses and the like according to the capacity of 2 thousand 105 thousand 315 TL TL, van, truck, tractor, and the like according to the weight of 2 thousand 369 TL 470 TL-3 between the ages of değişecek1 between aircraft and helicopters (Türkkuşu, except those belonging to the Turkish Air Institution) annual vehicle tax according to the type and maximum take-off weight will change. £ 787 annual tax to be paid 8 thousand to 35 thousand will be from £ 159. Non-agricultural pesticide record held by the Ministry of Transportation for air vehicles have been registered for use in recording and for aircraft, motor vehicles tax amounts specified in this tariff to be applied by 25 percent.


By 2011 the tax regulations, profit rates have been found to be lower than their counterparts for the commodity in terms of re-detected.

Accordingly, the metropolitan areas outside the municipal boundaries of the paper size of the annual intake of 100 thousand pounds, annual sales of 117 thousand pounds measure, the National Lottery ticket, now in Kazan, games like Super Toto, sugar and tea to drink-alcohol-smoking-tobacco-year purchase size of 80 thousand pounds, annual sales of 100 thousand pounds measure, fuel oil or (except for LPG) measure of purchasing 117 thousand pounds a year, annual sales measure was 129 thousand pounds.

Metropolitan areas within the municipal boundaries of the paper size of the annual purchase 140 thousand pounds, sugar and tea, the National Lottery ticket, immediately Boiler, Super Toto, etc. are non-tobacco-and alcohol-alcohol 96 thousand pounds, fuel oil or 160 thousand pounds, respectively. Annual sales measure, the precious paper, 160 thousand pounds, fuel oil of 180 thousand liras, while other items were found in the form of 129 thousand pounds.


Fixed amounts of various taxes and fees were implemented in the new year.

Regulations published in the Official Gazette with the number of double income tax schedule were implemented in 2011.

Motor vehicles tax, stamp tax, a special communications tax and fees, to be effective from 1 January 2011 under the 7.7 percent rate of re-valuation ratio zamlandı. Amounts are subject to inheritance and gift taxes also increased at the same rate.

Mobile phone subscription from the first facility in the amount of excise taxes increased by 7.7 percent. Accordingly, except for changes to the operator of mobile phone subscriptions will be taken during the lump-sum tax as of January 1, 2011 to be issued to TL 31.78 TL 34.

Repeated Official Gazette dated 29 December last Published Special Communication Tax General Communiqué. Communiqué, the first facility of mobile phone subscription (excluding changes to the operator) as a fixed tax amount of U.S. $ 20 to be connected to the provision 6 of the Communiqué Serial Special Communication Tax determined in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 of 2010 for re-evaluation rate reminded to be determined as £ 31.78. Re-valuation ratio of 7.7 percent for the year 2010 according to the communiqué noted that the mobile phone subscription excise applied to the first facility in the amount of £ 34 applies from 1 January 2011 were reported.

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