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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reached a happy ending!

To fill the vacant position and move in the last Cimbom Misimovic'ten Elano, reached a happy ending
Reached a happy ending! Taking action to fill the vacant position Misimovic'ten Elano and G. House, Newells'ın Formica'yı star finished by 22.

Disappointing this season, Galatasaray, the circuit between the team strengthening, with a staff of more ambitious TT Arena in Argentina, scored the first step to go. Circuit is sent from the management before the Elano'yu Hagi'nin coach with great expectations at the beginning of the season at quarterback position, leaving a space which is transferred out of the squad consisting of Misimovic'i G. House, Newells Old Boys' 22-year-old star of this position is filled with Mauro Formica .

THE FIRST stage of star players more than the price of 5 million euros testimonial found yellow-kırmızılılar, began negotiations with Argentina team. Managed to attract 3.5 million euros testimonial cost of administration, young players already in the win over Argentina reached an agreement on everything.

Country 'New Maradona' moniker attached to this season's sub-structure of Formica grow out of the team was able to save 22 games 5 goals. 4 times previously under the age of 17, played for Argentina national team Formica'nın has 2 goals.

Government increases investment in basketball

G. PALACE IN rivals F. Garden 'good leadership, the rise in basketball this season to defeat the administration's face troubled days had made me tired. F. $ 20 million $ 5 million of the team after the victory against Garden managers "in this season's star of the club Galatasaray Cafe Crown. 2010-11 team most excited about us. This is the team's play-off'ta do whatever it takes to play a final "he said, the team decided to invest.

F. Garden 't G. overthrew the House does not want to enter into the air. Yellow-kırmızılılarda basketball won just one match in charge of reminding Üstünberk administrator View "The important thing is to take place in the first 2 at the end of the season," he said.

Mahmuti: astounding

G. SARAY Cafe Crown head coach Oktay Mahmuti, Nedim Karakas description and said he was surprised and upset. Mahmuti, Caracas gave the following response:

"ALL said after defeat, and the usual descriptions used to compensate. Unfortunately, using my name did not reflect the fact that the charges stunned me. Go deeper in our taktiğimizin 'beat up vurabildiğin' regrettable to say that. "

'Referees gutless'

Beko Basketball League leader Galatasaray is a losing their anger dinmiyor F. Garden Pleiades match referees. Branch Director Nedim King "did not allow arbitrators koparmamıza game. We have seen that there are no heart in the field referees. You put your opponent's hit was about tactics. Judges also can play çalsınlar up. Angry athletes fell from the game. The lack of standard şikayetçiyim whistles, "he said.

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