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Friday, December 31, 2010

Mike tears!

45 days old, lost his father. His mother was married, gave him 6 months in the slot and he died yesterday!
Mike tears! 45 days old, lost his father. His mother was married, gave him 6 months in the slot. 10-year-old Ahmed was found dead yesterday in bed ...

The 10-year-old epilepsy patient in Sivas kindergarten children 7-12 years old, died in the nest. 7-12 Years of Social Services and Child Protection Institution, the 10-year-old Kindergarten epilepsy (epilepsy) patients Daring Ahmed Emin, who want to wake up to breakfast in the morning he was found motionless in bed dorm resident. Sivas State Hospital by ambulance removed the Governor Muammer Bey Primary School student, daring, despite all the interventions implemented rotated. Gözüpek'in funeral, Yildizeli township Smith was taken to the village.

Sara hastasıydı

45 days old gastric cancer patient who lost his father Mustafa Gözüpek'i, 6 months into the slot located on the marriage of her mother's death Gözüpek'in Ahmed Emin, the Governor Muammer Bey Primary School classmates and teachers, friends and foreign officials sorrow drowned in her dorm. Teachers and friends, Gözüpek'in successful, happy, loving that one student said, they live conveyed the sadness of the death. A successful example of a student and acting Gözüpek'in, monthly application under the 5 / A class of students selected in December, also consisting of eight students had taken pride in the statement. Daring, a photograph and the name's "proud statement" passed away before seeing his life.

The scope and treatment of patients with drug use that she learned of the investigation into the death of Ahmed Emin Gözüpek'in reportedly continued. After taking off the toilet in the morning at home again beside the grave of his father slept in the village of Smith's funeral Gözüpek'in defnedileceği had learned.

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