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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ply with Cream dessert

Laitance well captured in this sweet crispy taste of a grain-eating doyamayacak ...

Ply with Cream dessert


125 Gr. Butter
1 egg
Received Much Water
1 Pinch of salt

For December Floors:
2 soup K. Soft Margarine

For frying:

For syrup:
3.5 Water B. Sugar
3.5 Water B. Water
1 Slice Lemon


To prepare syrup, sugar, lemon juice and boil zone. Before you can join the sherbet should be done and cooled in cold syrup.

To prepare the dough, mixing bowl flour, butter and eggs and knead put. Salt, add the yogurt and knead thoroughly until the water and a little bit.

Open every track taking the medium-sized glands. Put the dough in the fridge to rest 1 hour, if possible unlayarak bırakın.Üstüste open.

In the form of roll, roll, and little by little for sure. Make thin round by pressing them. Frying oil and fry. Kaymakla peanuts and decorate them in the green.

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