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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


'Twitter' View from the Pearl to a friend. I think that to the list of those who want it. Because if you have attached an injustice anywhere in the world, then screaming at the top of one's lungs and heart and mind that in disposing of the wrong step back / tired so I wrote a human John Pearl ... Why? Below you will agree with me that I can read yazacaklarımı also learned from them with his contribution to ...

He has an interview with Felicity Khan CHA'dan Basri Dogan. This is introduced to the chat audience, Felicity Khan said, 'He is a very young politician. Political life, the Socialist Party (SP), which started as a member of Amsterdam City Council Khan, SP candidate for the general election with his party would request. The explosion of both him and his November 22 election a vote of the SP alone, 17 thousand of the vote, "Second Alba" rises to third place as a party. Felicity Khan at length with the Netherlands, talked politics.

Felix Karabulut most striking expression in the responses of the council, '... during the past government discrimination against the very serious work that we have seen together. When we look to the studies, the attitude of police officers incidents, students' problems in finding an internship site is now reflected in scientific reports. To date, due to continuing prejudice and discrimination in government policies has increased even more. Now, even in cases of discrimination uğranılıyor concrete. We stand for the Socialist Party as a discrimination should be dealt with seriously. School years to break down stereotypes people believe that solutions to these problems. Discrimination is spoken in a country, he is a danger in the name of the country. Around the common demands for him, I always struggle with the need to maintain. It can be a Dutch social ...

Now the Dutch Socialist Party MP Felix Karabulut said above, selected with the first member of parliament and even diametrically opposed let's look at the behavior Ahmet Kaya, 'this is what egregious contradiction parents' mırıldanalım song together. Mırıldanalım because the Socialist Party deputy Felicity Khan and PVV (Freedom Party), Deputy J. Van Klavaren, in the last week in the Netherlands related to the Turkish schools in their proposals, 'the closure of these institutions and educational institutions to cut state aid to investigate the claim that the barrier to sleep' wanted. Turkey is one of those who submitted the motion based on a Dutch citizen, one other interesting detail is the subject ...

Dutch Interior Minister Piet Heijn Donner is on the historical context of Gülen movement has said: '... a highly successful integration movement in the Netherlands. According to intelligence reports, this move does not supply a danger to the Dutch government. This movement in the Netherlands compared to other foreign groups, in Dutch social life in alignment with the alignment of the most successful ones, and also made important contributions to this organization are the Turks ... "

Gulen Movement in the success of educational institutions with an emphasis on the Interior Minister Donner, here goes towards Turkish children more about the critics, '... I lived in Luxembourg, there were institutions in the Netherlands and the Dutch often went. Therefore, educational institutions founded by the Turks in the Netherlands often quite normal to go to the Turks 'he said, and' that is open to all schools, children from different cultures around the people who have graduated from these schools of education almaktalar and the community thrives, like a very successful business in the area. What you did to contribute to this integration is an important indication of this movement ... 'makes the evaluation.

Karabulut persistent and harsh criticism by the Socialist Deputy Felix, courtesy of the Interior Minister Donner responded in the draw, '... public debate must not imported to our country. This is the institutions (education, business and institutions of dialogue) to expect another? These people more than others, also have become integrated into Dutch society. I now yargılayacağım them according to their religion? Everyone does not have to think like you ... 'is located in the expression. After discussion the Commission presented proposals in the House of the Netherlands, rejected the votes of other parties.

Netherlands Federation of Young Businessmen (HOGİAF) Board Member Ahmed overflow, the same as in Turkey, 'extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing SP PVV his motions were denied by all other parties' and pointed out that' in this case, our Dutch law HOGİAF refreshed in the state of confidence 'is the expression.

Felicity Khan deputies when they are selected or great-great-embracing remarks are not going to seem, or conflict with them later on their own behavior will not fall.

Turkey 's history is full of lawmakers violator, after the AKP would say that it entered a decrease trend. I think that represents us to the lawmakers in the Netherlands in themselves should not be something that a lot of quality to come to expect, is not it? ...

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