Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What is attention deficit in children?

Difficult to attract the attention of the child's attention deficit and attention focused on the desired point described as the density remains below the level of age.

Today, many common problems in children with attention deficit is one of the child, in particular the start of school more than the show itself. Is accompanied by hyperactivity and impulsivity disorganise that most of the time.

Attention in the first place we look at the basis of dağınıklığının biological reasons, including environmental conditions, such as nutrition and genetics are effective in many reasons.

This is the problem of children living;

• Have difficulty to the course to concentrate
• in a careless manner make mistakes in exams
• the responsibilities assigned most of the time tamamlayamazlar
• appear to be listening to you talking
• Rooms scattered
• Books irregular
• Most of the time they forget their homework
• Quickly bored
• Ambient stimuli are affected by very quickly
• lose your stuff, etc. listed in the form.

Family responsibilities

All these mentioned factors negatively affect the child's only success at school is reflected in its relations with family and friends do not. Therefore, this issue, first of all children living in family and school must work in partnership to support the child.

Because of the delicate state of mind of the child physical or verbal violence bulundurulup his mistakes, "you can not get the man you're already" very wrong to make such labeling.

Rewarding positive behavior of children with attention deficit shows the path must be determined.

TV, computer distributors, such as attention as possible factors to be kept away from seams.

Assignments given by the school should not be done too much pressure on the child and try to have split.

Talking with your child to tell him what you want to be expressed by establishing a short and clear sentences.

Get help from an expert on methods of developer attention.

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