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Friday, December 31, 2010

Murder suspect in the massacre told the uncle

4 persons killed his brother and his family consisting of the town of Sakarya Akyazi query suspects then sent to the courthouse. Y.Y. talked about committing the murder after isha prayer. Y.Y. from the bloody massacre confessions:

A matter of give and take Akyazi County District Batakköy discussed because his brother inherited Erol Stars (46), his wife, Hani Stars (45) and nephews Katy Stars (20) and Elif Yıldız (10), while in Istanbul to go to the Netherlands after the killing with gun Sabiha YY'nin captured the airport (53) London Police Headquarter query is completed.

Not regret his statement to the police and the way he answered questions, and 3 times a pilgrimage to a cold-blooded culprit goes learned YY talked about committing the murder after isha prayer.

Prayer, then goes home at night his brother and his brother's house to talk to his wife, Hani Stars paid by the Century Erol Yıldız sent for home. 7 thousand euros on the stock by inheritance to his brother after imzalattıktan brother Erol Yıldız signed certificates because of the crease during a talk discussing the century scored confessed to committing the murder angry.

Yıldız Erol Yıldız and his wife Hanifa in the living room, children and Elif Yıldız Özlem katlettikten the bedroom after his wife called in the Netherlands, flights to the Netherlands after the Kocaeli aldırdığı learned from a station murder suspect had bought plane tickets aldırdıktan $ 10 the amount of gasoline to burn the house told the police works.

Ontario County is deeply suspect the killer YY gun at his own home in the Sycamore district has admitted hiding. After saving the gun home to go to Holland to tell you went to Sabiha Gokcen Airport, YY, query, and then under extensive security measures taken to Adliyesine Akyazi.

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