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Friday, December 31, 2010

Free movie ADAM investigation Said Nursi

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor, about the life of Said Nursi's "Free Man" launched an investigation into the start of the film in theaters yet. Very interesting reasons for the lawyer to a criminal complaint

Ankara Bar Association filed the petition Yoruz'un lawyer Omar Eaton, director and producer Jack Tanrısever, screenwriters Ahmet Cetin, Mehmet Uyar Feza Film Company, the prosecution claimed.

Habertürk According to a report the film "insulting Ataturk's spiritual personality, " the petition argued, "threatened, insulted, to override the judicial decision, and the spiritual personality of Ataturk insult, insults through the media, people and society, hatred and crime encouraged; slander, propaganda, terrorism, organized actions aimed at eliminating the State of the Republic of Turkey and will take into account ex officio Başsavcılığınızın criminal actions, "the statement said.


A criminal complaint, the film's web site, photos, trailer and examined in many papers on the stage, "many false slander and insults against Atatürk, contain" specified.

Movie Trailer:

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