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Friday, December 31, 2010

Life-saving interventions / GALLERY

What is good for diarrhea, burns, what is done instantly, nose bleeds is how to intervene, how to get rid of all of a sudden the kramptan, joint pain, how to troubleshoot? For most of us, these problems faced by many small interventions.

When cooking, burned hands, pot of boiling water poured on your feet, your hands are chapped from the cold air, your nose wing of rhyme or reason, you wake up at night while sleeping in a severe leg cramps or diarrhea input re ...

But I do not know what to do. For example, how the intervention should be in the first place make sure you do not burn. How to stop nose bleeding: what does it mean to have no idea. You have diarrhea: to the process of how to contact the physician would like to know How to handle short-term illness.

Then the incision attention, because almost every moment of our lives, but may face a small risk of health problems and interventions that have received information on the Memorial Hospital and Sema Hospital experts. Each physician in the field of small operations gave tüyosunu.

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