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Friday, December 31, 2010

Did the Greeks was agreed to open the port?

State Minister and Chief Negotiator Bagis, opening ports to Greek Cypriots with the EU on the news about the disclosure made uzlaşıldığına. Negotiated with the EU to open the ports of the Greeks is that right? Donate Cell response was.

State Minister and Chief Negotiator Bagis, opening ports to Greek Cypriots with the EU uzlaşıldığına reported on the news is not true.

Grants, sent through Twitter reply on the question of AA correspondent,''to open our ports to Greek Cypriots with the EU negotiated the news is not true. This issue is known şartımız: the port, harbor, keep moving''he said.

On the other hand, officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the news did not reflect the truth.

Some web sites, negotiating chapters for Turkey to open its ports to Greek Cypriot part of the removal of obstacles to a compromise reached with the EU, the Greek Cypriot part of the issue and waiting for news of the approval has taken place.


TRNC Prime Minister Irsee young, open up Turkish ports to Greek Cypriots for the news is not true, stating that neither Turkey nor the TRNC neck eğeceğinin blackmail by the Greek Cypriot side, Turkey and the TRNC in the best interests of all parties concerned korunacağının stressed the need to know.

Prime Minister Irsee young, in his written statement, today gave a television news channel, Turkey's EU negotiation process between Turkey and the European Union to pave the way for a compromise stating varıldığının reported, has included the following statements:

"The news is still suspended the Greek Cypriot administration with the title of the eight acquis (GCA) as a unilateral decision to veto the opening of six new title in exchange for unconditional negotiations the Greek Cypriot-flagged ships of Turkey agreed to open its ports to the sea as a stage, reconciliation Ercan Airport and charter flights from European countries, albeit limited, done, and also covered by the claim that this matter is expected GASC final approval.''

The issue of opening Turkish ports to Greek Cypriot ships within the framework of Turkey's EU membership negotiations on the agenda for some time and that both the EU and the Turkish authorities to overcome this problem and is working on a variety of formulas known recording Small, said:

''In this context, Turkey and the TRNC as a unilateral Greek Cypriot ships açılamayacağı ports that are known to the common position of all circles. Turkey is continuing talks with authorities in the EU within the framework of this position in recent days does not change, no progress has happened, the news does not reflect the fact that in this context. "

"TRNC as the Motherland of all the problems obstructing Turkey's EU membership process of Turkey's EU membership as soon as possible to overcome the desire to happen as soon as possible 'in the description of the TRNC Prime Minister of Small," However, what is blackmail by the Greek Cypriot side Motherland Turkey nor the TRNC and will yield the best interests of both Turkey and the TRNC will be protected to be known by all parties regarding''the phrase used.

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