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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lemon sesame ring

Delicious food is thoroughly taken with this sweet-flavored syrup and lemon will end with a final ...


2.5 water b.un
1 p.kabartma powder
1 teaspoon yeast k.kuru
2 tablespoons k.margarin
half a tea b.sıvıyağ
1 tea b.su
1 tea b.irmik
1 teaspoon coconut b.hindistan
1 egg
2 grated lemon peel

For over:

For syrup:
2.5 water b.su
Sugar 2.5 water b.toz
1 lemon juice


Water mixing bowl. Melt by adding yeast. Then, adding the eggs and oil mix. Liquids are mixed semolina, coconut, baking powder and add to flour. Knead, adding lemon into the grate. Roll the dough is ready to Remove its walnut-sized glands. Then with the help of the middle finger into sesame Take breaks. Preparation of the rings greased tray. 175 degrees 20-25 minutes. the cook. In the meantime, prepare laitance.

After the initial temperature of the oven when sweet, about us laitance.

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