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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Cause 2 - Full - Free Download - Download - Upload

I'm largely against the action of games, plenty of action scenes with patrons as a player, "so that is no exaggeration!" Savuruyorsam words, Just Cause 2 is how you build your account. One-man army to assume the responsibility of being grown used to, but to play hopscotch on the moving vehicles, and glide around the face of endless sky paraşütlerimizle listening to confront whatever comes to people's brains that are still highly exaggerated. More than a beat-to-head with the story you are installing unabated, around what 'you want to break up, help yourself after me ...

Dosage account

Released at the end of 2006 and similar to the structure of interest that collects GTA'ya Just Cause, retained its place on the agenda included with exaggerated action scenes. The so-called sandbox, a free gameplay are faced with a construction able to use every tool, a thousand enemies with acrobatic moves to the other world provided yollarken sweats. Successful in striking visuals and a giant map of the second part of the production's a little more of everything increased dosage.

Panau now down to a tropical island, our hero out of the blue, from the earliest stage what we expect from an adventure moving to give the signal. You can feel how big the map is gliding in the sky. If you already have a look at the map after entering into the game until the end are going to worry about how to start from where you live. Games played so many years, the largest of the map would say come out here before me.

Also able to use the new helicopters in the game

Briefly describe the need, much like a game in which GTA'ya Cause'da Just slightly wider than can be said that the level of freedom. On walking around the field as we want, we can harm the environment we want to level. Can not use the car, do not live kurşunlayamayacağımız. On the other hand on top of vehicles while riding a stunt like the interesting skills, such as we have to get out and hunt down enemies from there. Plenty of damage around, we do not do the task or return to the last merminizi even object to send any kind of explosive is in your favor. How much damage a simple task, even when you turn around and you win if you score so much chaos and new weapons, vehicles, as well as receiving help in upgrading what you already have.

Daldığımızda into the adventure of the first part of the series tried some new users will immediately notice the striking. The first of these to use at the beginning of the game hook Marketplace switcher. This rope can come thanks to overcome imagined things fit. Do you have a height of 50 m in front of a building? No problem, throw a few hooks and that's not even been on top! This hook panacea. Let's say you encounter an enemy with fire from the top of the tower. What bitter coincidence that you have in your hand not even a single bullet. Throw in a few seconds and the enemy kancanızı düşüversin the bottom of your feet.

Do you hold on to helicopters floating in the sky, say the move is to capture about the tools, with everything possible to make this hook. Recover the vehicle by connecting the hook stuck in the mud with the tractor. In short, everything you can in your imagination with the hook. Required to provide access points can not be retrieved or some simplifications can be caused when the game too. Actually required to reach the top of the task instance skyscraper and kill everyone present çıkanı after death must erişmemiz adamımıza. However, thanks to the reverse side of this hook, go to the top of the building after the man approaching from behind to complete the task as possible without spending a single bullet.

Artificial intelligence deprived

Not providing information about the first game and we excited about the new game tüterken smoke producers, which is one of the biggest problems in the first section to develop artificial intelligence claimed. Here, we saw that, even if these allegations yaklaşmamışlar into reality. Stored behind the trenches of the enemies you come across some fool mess on the ground by our bullets, and more coherent encounter enemies. Worse still, the enemies of heaven also loves to stand next to explosive barrels loaded. Not surprisingly, as the bottom of the enemies can easily be aiming barrels.

Superior capabilities in only one of the helicopter tutunabilmek

Speaking of enemies at the controls necessary to address ready. First of all consoles, then be prepared for the control of the PC brought suit in the present is an innovation. The new aiming technique provides a control console for casual users. Bringing the cursor to a point close to the enemy on the enemy, even though the phrase comes from the red sighting. In this way, the enemy avlayabiliyoruz move easily. PC users can get the mouse to aim and comfortable that we can not say that it is an important development.

Just Cause 2, the content offering numerous weapons and vehicles, tractor, military truck, helicopter or even able to use many tools. Kill your competitors is not enough to get the weapons from falling through or around a crate in the black market have a choice. Instantly want to adventure "Black Market" by entering the option of the seller of the weapons and vehicles are able to provide helicopters to finish above us. As the helicopter passes and a new interface that can make shopping as we want. You also have the opportunity to develop the weapons and tools. To do this we need to find pieces of vehicles and weapons in remote corners of the map. According to the filmmakers on the map and any development process is complete for 2000 tracks have a certain portion of these components to be used.

The new engine, new excitement

With the second version of the game engine used in the first game we face the Avalanche Engine, Just Cause 2, a larger map, more detailed design and explosion effects are more impressive and remarkable. Travels between the current map is too large and the tasks get lost in this vast map is extremely natural. For graphics is able to produce both good and bad ideas. Place comes with a very impressive scene karşılaşıyorken, contrary to the rules of physics to another ridiculous scene can come face to face with an image. Demo'sunda encountered in the game, walking up or climbing down a cliff by the same problem seems to fully release. We continue to encounter a strange scene in the vehicle tracking errors. Foes, they over-react bullet strikes. Although this is a good time after the beginning of man's eyes are starting to sink.

This type of action scenes often encounter

Just Cause 2, pure aksiyondan like, replacing the head of anything, just say that addressing the players in front of targeted killing çıkanı. Included for each item due to some outstanding productions in which action on any matter not display the high level of success. Vast map, if you want to see a crazy adventure and plenty of explosion effects, may be a good choice. Arayanlardansanız realism in games, Just Cause 2, stay away!

Operating System: Windows 7 or Vista (Windows XP does not support)
Processor: Athlon X2 4200 or Pentium Dual-Core 3Ghz (to be supported SSE3)
Video Card: Nvidia 8800 series or ATI Radeon HD 2600 256MB or 256 MB of health equivalent card that supports DirectX 10 u
RAM: 2 GB Ram
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 10
Hard disk: 10 GB free hard disk space
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10-compatible sound card

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