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Friday, December 31, 2010

If you want to change a society, women must begin to work

"I'm a bad example to women dedikodumu Mardi they did. I did not give up!"

"My father against the family to live together, my husband had left is gone, torn my child. Not yet 23 years old. 'E give me what war is ...' I said to myself ... "
Not a novel to read on the above lines, then gasped at an excerpt from the interview to read.
Extraordinary is a powerful young woman ...
Top of any business is coming ...
Does not give up, yıkılmıyor ...
Cercis Murat Mansion in Istanbul, Mardin and the owner of restaurants, 16 Baybara Ebru Demir of the country's most important leaders like the movie story of 4 women leave you alone.
I wish to give inspiration to all women in this last interview in 2010.

* Mardi daughter of a family. Mardin, tell your family about what I was little?

Teach us that my father throughout his life for the sole purpose then we migrated to Istanbul. How water works in the villages of Rural Services takes, tells the houses of Mardin, Mardin on television when the eyes of a documentary about the dollars. We are four siblings grew up longing for his Mardin.

* Mardin When did you see first?

I graduated from Tourism and Guidance. In 1998 I married a colleague. He entered the downturn in the tourism sector, foreign guidance, those who could not find work. Mardin cultural tour came to my mind. My father, "to get a purpose in life and go after him," he says. An "I'm going to Mardin," he went.

* What did he say?

Did not agree. "Get used to the conditions of the region. You can do it, the spouse can not do, "he said. Listen, I went. I work odd kaptırmıştım myself. But around me telling my wife not share the same excitement. Did not care, my father left all this cause. 1.5 years ... no no see After a while my wife went to leave.

I'm a bad example brides have asked me to go home

* What did you do well, on your own?

I lived four-storey mansion in his aunt's sons and their brides. Of course, a bad example for brides ... Evening at 8 on the way home I even men, "No bus came, got no air" durumundayım. One night I went to internet cafe to look at my messages. When I turn on the night ikiydi. All house standing ... After a while the gap between me and my dad using the "Ebru is better not stay here," began to say. But I could not go anywhere. There was no place to go, because ...

* What exactly were you doing business?

Gezdiriyordum foreign groups from Mardin. I already started this job. Ağırlayacağım a group of German tourists in 2000. Mardin is a three star hotel and restaurant trades have only ... Group leader "yedirtmem eat at the hotel. Find me an alternative, "he said. We went to restaurant trades. But before you take your cleaning stuff I did at the restaurant, table covers ütüledim ... Food awful and the group leader to me, "Find another place tomorrow. Otherwise, our company can not take any more business, "he said.

* E What did you do it?

There is no place else. Restaurant owner pleaded. The man to me, "Tomorrow is Friday. I also, in grubunla sensin "he said.

* Alas!

I went home and began to cry. Against my father, to live with family, my husband had left is gone, torn my child. Not yet 23 years old. "E, I am giving what war is ..." I said to myself ... My aunt asked me what it is. "Tomorrow I need 28 people yedirtmem lunch. And I do not have a place like that, "I said. My aunt "Then bring them here," he said.

* Then ...

The next day, a group leader, "You of Mardin to taste the local flavors of food set up in a mansion," I said. I do not know what to expect. Welcomed us to the neighborhood women. Established a table of a place in the courtyard, have prepared wonderful meals. Group fainted.


* You probably also got a big burden on your over ...

Sure My aunt's offer changed my life. While washing dishes and said to them: "I'll bring you to the group. You will eat and make money. "All the women were very excited and" OK "they said.

* "Women are doing on your own what works," he did not do?

That restaurant was opened. At that time, satisfied with the men, because the money comes home.

* The restaurant was how the idea of it?

One day I came to a group of Italian. The age of seventy and over ... At the table of the oturamazlar. I wanted to go to the help desk chairs gubernatorial sığmayınca the door of the mansion. Dinner started to give the cafeteria of the governorate. But for a while and it 's us that our governor had received complaints.

* EEEE ....

Broke down again. This time the women of the neighborhood is crying with me. Got used to making money ... Cercis Murat heard Mansion is leased. Hired to take out everything. My aunt still at the beginning of the work, this place modification is made. Mardin's first first-class lokantasını opened on June 8, 2001. That response began at that time. Mardin, a woman is opening a restaurant drunk, night running. Moreover, single ... The intriguing women of the neighborhood. I took several constraints that period ... None of the women did not come to work one day. "Sorry sister. There are belly dancers, have music, have a drink. Guys do not permit, they said. I knew this was a war. I continued to build a new team. My father came, he saw here, and "Girl, you have done many things," he said. Make peace with my father gave me morale. At that time I met my wife present.

I found the love of Cercis Murat Mansion

How did he?
My wife Mardi and a member of a large family. Birgrup crowded restaurant one evening they come. My job is over my head, not get even the kitchen. My wife is friends, "How can I care about this kadınbenimle. Those interested until I come here. "He said. I started to research. I'm not aware of. In fact, our
Waiter there is a gay, Sone ... Soner stayed by my side for a period not home. He started to ask me ... Fatih Soner also understand that the interest was in love with the wrong.

* Come on!

I also said so. Worried about the ... I do not see me in a place considered, Sone trying to live love. "Let me Show you're in love with this guy who said," so we met and Fatih'le. Of course
I understood the situation after a short-term muhabbetten. When the time I noticed that we agree very well. In the meantime, poor Sone
love dies. Robert took her in front of said: "I'm interested ablanla. Has been a misunderstanding, "he said. Filled an important gap in my life this way. Robert not obliged to decide all things in my life after I saw an awesome thing. Today we stand tall durabiliyorsam
thanks to her. But, of course, that this love opened my own business.

* How?

Conqueror finished long before his marriage, though not over on paper. "Slot that breaks the woman" I did. Employees left the restaurant, people still skirt pulled his hand. After a while, got married. But I had difficulty finding women to work with me. "Bari educate myself," I said and I opened on May 25 2003 Kitchen Warehouse.

* E is no more! Do not you ever give up?

Work out training of personnel in a short time, tourists have begun to teach the local cuisine. Reaction time, forgotten and women came to ask for business from me again. Since then, women's large contribution to the economy going on here. A year later we started to produce meals using our own materials using machinery.

* A business that is released more ...

Yes. My spouse is a group of women in the terrace of the factory dried tomatoes, thyme, molasses, jam, bulgur, pomegranate molasses production began. Istanbul restaurants selling. Jam factory, established in 2004 and "Cercis Murat Mansion" We started marketing branded reçellerimizi markets. However, under our own brand of Syrian restaurants to sell wine and I started to produce.

* I swear to God I'm tired of telling you.

It is not over. Cercis Murat Mansion opened a branch in Istanbul in 2008. In 2007, a university in South America, I chose one of 16 leaders of the country's most important and 4 women. Then a newspaper poll organized by the "female entrepreneur of the year" award I received. Currently two places in the Middle East and are negotiating to open a branch in London.

* What's next?

Kitchen School will open with the support of the Governor's Office. 352 have described in my hand. Kayınvalidemden 87-year-old learned a very special recipes. My aunt's in the course ... Now, to train people to do them.

* Yenge doing in the meantime ...

Opened their own restaurant. First, here in Ankara after ... Passes in front of the family reacted to his sons. But the Ottoman kadınıydı full. Do me, did not say.

"If you want to change a society need to start working women," said Baybara, and is now working on her book is the story of eight women. "Ten Thousand Years of Culture Dishes, Ten Thousand Years of Women in Culture" book called the Book 2011 will be released in September, Dogan.

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