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Friday, December 31, 2010

'High-voltage low-built' claim

'The neighborhood built in the high-low-voltage line' claim ... Konya, a point close to the base station and high voltage lines in 7 babies in succession to reduce the woman a new fuse ignited the debate.

'The neighborhood of high-voltage lines passing through the low-built' claim ... Konya Meram district of the town Hasanköy high voltage lines at a point close to the woman living in the seventh consecutive losing their babies as a result of low 'has launched a debate about high-voltage lines.

Doctors can not give any sense of the low incidence of serial neighborhood residents to do as soon as the authorities wanted to review.

The victim expressed that they are residents of the neighborhood, been no studies of the cause of abortions in the village at first, but it satisfied the abortions because of increased abortions, such as a normal event expressed that they are uneasy.

Neighborhood residents in the neighborhood of doctors in the base station or the high-voltage lines in the direction of radiation emission estimates that can make an impact because of the waters, he said.

Mukhtar confirmed cases of LOW

District chief Ali Ozbek seen in cases of low Hasanköy his seventh since 2009, while pregnant women 4-5 months pregnant and still cause low they said they did not know what it is.

Uzbek, said: "I live in this neighborhood for many years as a cause of miscarriages of water are shown. But we live here for a long time because of water would probably not do. We suspect the high voltage lines in the neighborhood more. Since the beginning of 2009 so far, from 6 to 7 in the family, this event has occurred. We have children for fear of the future of families in the same event do not think of a more''

All pregnant women in treatment under medical supervision, that they expressed the Mukhtar Ali Ozbek, "father of 3 children did not have a problem until 2009, but later this year at the same low per-event of my wife came in and was 4-5 months old babies have lost because of the low.

Abortions occurred in the beginning of a research done to see as a normal low. But this is getting abortions occur in the same neighborhood on the rise and there is unease in the neighborhood is a living, "he said.

WOMEN'S EXPERT ESEN BIRTH: Pregnant ionizing and should stay away from NONİYONİZEDEN

Center of Konya Meram talk about abortions in pregnant women in the county district Hasanköy Konya Private Memorial Hospital Specialist on Obstetrics Op.Dr. Jule Esen, pregnancy, 'ionized' and said I should stay away from noniyonize'den. Blowing from the side effects of pregnancy and noted that the normal life of high voltage lines.

Esen, "ionizing radiation, the so-called conventional x-rays, X-rays. They are subject to permission from a doctor during pregnancy, including up to a certain time can be made. If mobile phones Noniyonize rays, electromagnetic waves, high voltage lines, microwave ovens, hair dryers, wireless modems, such as spread of technological tools that need to avoid radiation during pregnancy,''he said.

Esen, "Yeditepe University studies done in this direction of ionizing radiation is known to more chromosome Also in connection with fractures and miscarriages. But to sit under a high voltage line, a lot of copy and emitting an electromagnetic field environment in a long time sitting in pregnancy losses, abortions and later learning disorders in children and why children were more hyperactive,''he said.

Up to 15 days from a patient with this type of case stated that Esen said: "Around 8 to 10 districts of residence of the family of our patient statements made and until now his health is low during pregnancy is not a problem, but was concerned about the situation that applied for, the other patient pregnancies, abortion and the neighborhoods of the patients mentioned that the high voltage lines, the women sat down around the spoke of the high voltage line. Our case of pregnancy loss is usually observed in patients living in this environment and that he did not high-voltage lines far more than sitting out and so on, until their health is a concern, but in distress, he said çekmediğini "

This context, we evaluated our patient and 14 weeks have a healthy pregnancy, "said Esen," The patient now lives and psychological disorder as a panic attack patients with damaged earlier in this subject and that the current environment of risk factors in pregnancy and abortion continue to scan again if the files of patients the front foot and it must be set''he finished his words.

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