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Friday, December 31, 2010

Erzurum, waiting for finally gained ground

Because of insufficient snow in Erzurum finally be rid of worries about the 2011 World University Winter Oyunları'yla. Provinces are expected to continue until tomorrow morning snowfall was greeted with enthusiasm.

According to information received the AA correspondent, snow thickness, Palandoken Ski Center has reached 15 centimeters, was measured as 5 cm at the center of the city. The effect of snow can continue at intervals until the morning hours and the impact of the loss expected from tomorrow specified.

Erzurum, Youth and Sports Director Robert Çintımar, AA correspondent, said before the games take place between January 27 to February 6 due to the start of the expected snowfall said they were very happy.

Made all the preparations for the Winter Games, who said the only deficiency Çintımar snow, snow,''The trouble with the snow will be also eliminated. The city is completely clad in white. Everyone is very happy and look forward to continuing snowfall''he said.


Erzurum, Palandoken Ski Center, under the snow began to celebrate the new year.

Palan Palandoken held at New Year's entertainment program, local and foreign tourists were performed for the organization.

Under Snow, Köçek dance to celebrate the show began, the hotel's guests were served hot wine.

Domestic and foreign tourists having fun celebrations with music, fireworks shows, renklendirildi.

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