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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DBD - 28/12


How to Istanbul was conquered?

Let me explain

One day Osman, Orhan, Bursa Ertugrul s.kiyorlar each other (have a fuck party, in Bursa, a normal day). That order from Istanbul (then Constantinople) messenger comes, there is an emergency news .. "Orhan brother, " he says, "I'm coming from Istanbul, the city left the entrance open the back door. "

Katie "haaa, my mother,"she says, is designing plans were immediately occupied. "Let's go, let's just get there, " he says. Order is, "immediately recover, scroll, our little one in Fatih and return him on your side. " Almost everyone gather in Bursa. After a short preparation, everyone is coming together ... Istanbul, attacking all the fagots.

Already at that time gone ahi Byzantium remained grave, so that Istanbul is conquered.

Such story.

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