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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrity rained insults to Turkey in the program

Britain's most famous car program Top Gear, Christmas special program went to the city of Bethlehem to the Palestinian territories and Turkey were at. However, the unrealistic and exaggerated claims about the program the viewer to Turkey servers disappointed.

BBC published and millions of people all over the world watched with interest by the three server Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the concept of open-top sports cars, the birth of Jesus went to Bethlehem. In all three of the program in the world, published yesterday morning before the server went to Arbil in northern Iraq.

Servers say that they are in love with the beauty of Northern Iraq "the most beautiful nature we see in our lives, " "wonderful and very peaceful people of this region, " he outlined praise.

Three minutes of entering Turkey later in the program Silopi propaganda of fear in the server began to panic. Totally wearing bulletproof vests and helmets servers in southeast Turkey, claimed that the war zone should be considered.

Place in the climate of peace in southeast Turkey in northern Iraq war left the defending three-server environment from Turkey to hit the ground.

Syria last team in the last part of the program, this time "This is very, very good very good even compared to Turkey" has no messages.

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