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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2-2010 - Full - Free Download - Download - Upload

Electronic Arts said in the last months of 2008 is a bad trend. Provided a very strong hand in this, remember three games, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Battlefield series, Bad Company, brings a whole new breath.

Online arena, especially with the popular Battlefield series, Bad Company, focused on the single task mode, humorous tone of its competitors had stopped at one point apart. Moreover, the game maker DICE'ın Frostbite graphics engine developed by the BC had reached a very successful outcome. Allows you to use the environment as a tactical split knew frostbite, open hole in the wall of a building sıkıştığımız kaçabiliyorduk, for example. This structure provides greater flexibility to players of the game in multiplayer mode, and soon showed himself attracted great attention.

EA and DICE are extremely pleased with the success of the game is great to play cards and decided to seriously pursue the development of modern warfare is a game that can hold 2 fell on the head. Game multiplayer demo released last month and met with an interest in excess of expectations. Our first impression, more positive, the team that allows a game to throw the game away altogether, but also the structure of individuality kapışmalara scene was very tasteful. Battlefield series, we are accustomed to seize points / defense-themed game mode is still very fun. Condemn the short duration of the first game because of the high expectations for the scenario mode, multiplayer mode will see the interest is a fact. Is able to play the game full version, let's look at all the cards?


Bad Company is about 600 MB of us wants a front-loading. Fairly soon get over this installation, do not worry. Then we are accustomed multiplayer demo, yellow and white tones are predominant encounter with a simple but impressive menu. Supported by the visual simplicity and the resulting impressive music can easily say that the result is stunning.

Later in the horizontal menu options are also designed to be completely user-friendly, everything is very clear. Single and multiplayer modes of the task ahead will be published outside the reach of the downloadable content episodes, extras and sets, has options. Menu design with comfort in the first minutes, the player manages to win the affection of Bad Company 2 In short, with design simplicity and flexibility to be able to achieve impressive, competent, a producer may be successful in showing how even the smallest detail, this is a game.


In the first game of a truckload of gold, whether pursuing their own heads and our team of four people in front of us again. This time, they are much more serious task. 2. During World War II, America's ill-fated atomic bomb changed the destiny of a country's decision shortly before the Japanese island of an unknown to a top secret weapon being developed, "Aurora." Developed by the Japanese, this weapon will cause incredible destruction and secret technology, "Aurora" disappears.

Occurs in about 60 years later, again the name of this weapon. Thus the adventure begins in North America gets the start. Gene Marlowe's character in Bad Company, ran the team with expulsion shall be assigned to track down this weapon. However, our work will not be easy at all because the Russian army and militants in South America, resulting in a mysterious army is chasing the same goal.

Bad Company 2 has a story much richer than in the first game. The story is very reminiscent of the film's spectacular Three Kings derinleştiremeyen enough unlike the first game, storytelling and about the way competent people with a deep story emerges as BC2. Our team is protected by the same characters in humorous, serious moments, which provides robust dialogue to take place, even allowing gülmenizi. Single mode, while the task is sufficient to say that as possible. Normal difficulty, such as 7-8 hours at a time to end the game. Multiplayer mode for a while giving weight to be considered adequate for a game. Of course we would like more, but we used to experience periods of today's FPS games of all this, unfortunately. At this point, a single complaint may be a dramatic finale of the story he sonlanmaması. 2, the dramatic intensity of modern warfare quite simply ends too high next to the final, Bad Company 2 "Bits multiplayer'a we go in the" air sezinlemedik not know.


Frostbite graphics engine Bad Company 2 is a game all benefiting from the blessings. The character animations to the work space anywhere it is possible to see the effect easily. Consider first the characters. The first game in front of us in the game on a light misty air, and sand. This also leads to the characters facial animations kumlanmalara small. DICE also managed to convert his advantage, however, this visual style. Quality facial animation player characters, their moods can easily thanks to the wealth kavrayabilirsiniz mimiklerindeki. When we look at a very high quality workmanship come upon the body animations. All this quality, even if an enemy nasiplenmiş, exhibits and animations look very realistic shot okşuyorlar fell.

The new version of the first game in front of us and there's a feature; Destruction 2.0. With this feature many objects other than buildings are damaged in the explosion and intense fire and shatter. This dynamic structure is to get players to think about every decision pushes 2 times. For example, with a rocket launcher that sends you an armful of love roketçikleri to steer clear of the enemy, had been stolen material particular advantage of the weak will not be much of a building leaning against the wall. Because the beat of a single rocket building walls crumble, and fall on you will cause ölmenize. Can shield even small pieces of concrete all the explosions affected parçalanabiliyor. This is a game that you have to change more in the way of moving and pushing.

Degradable in the environment (as in the first game, but still much richer way) BC2'nin the most important weapons. As with most games for show, but this feature is the player's eye for painting. Blasters can help your own way and in a linear game structure can declare their own freedom. Think of an armored vehicle that heavy blow to your team, now you come out revealing the direction of the village to put wood stable. An alternative way to create the walls of the buildings exploded, the last coup, you can shoot out the back of the vehicle exactly. And tank fire to destroy the enemies trying to wrap you in a moment, sıkıştığınız certain portion of the wall was demolished by explosives from the building again in salvation is to escape. Directly relevant to the topic with playability that will enter the details of this property and can not be denied, but the effect of visualization. Destruction of buildings into the air thanks to 2.0 uçurabiliyor, straining to see the detail of each brick and pieces of PVC and surprised. In short, BC2 advancing thanks to the important duties on the road vehicle use as degradable environment.

Open spaces gives great results thanks to FrostBite'ın Bad Company 2 Incredible views of the tropical forest last chapters in particular broad background, the question of AA not to mention most of the time. Forestry is also very successful in modeling, the wind, swinging trees, leaves, vegetation, such as crumbling under heavy fire screen enhances the visual details. In these sections, the design would be a lie as we say anmadık Crysis, especially in the light of the sun seems to leap out of the woods to, sections classic Native Brotherhood. Vehicle design is a similarity in the general lines of military vehicles, but we think that this similarity is becoming inevitable for a lot of games already. BC2'de modeling tools used in the very successful. When we ourselves tanks digital viewing angle of the vehicle, especially in the muscular're going to get the feel and atmosphere in a complete manner.

Explosion effects are very well done. When you hit the enemy trenches or close to buildings, plant and equipment, especially drums and fragmentation effects resulting flame is out. Exploding barrels or breaking of vehicles near the buildings, Running from the enemy into the air rises, or burning. It features stunning visuals of course the game is one of the pleasure of issuing heights. Speaking of enemies Şiddetimize exposed, I also briefly specify Battlefield Bad Company 2's rare series of games in the blood effect. Enemies vurulduklarında not going to escape the blood gushing exaggerated bodies. However, this damage can not see the bodies, unfortunately. This is the graphic violence deliberately kısıldığına course would be addressed and points to a wider audience.

So Bad Company 2, do not have bad sides? There are, of course. First of all coatings have great difficulties from time to time in the game. Especially in confined spaces, this problem emerges more and bite us in our eyes bugging. But modern warfare 2 not until the plates in front of us pathetic. On the back of the background areas of the BC2, this lack of perfect closes, but indoors it will be a shield for the coatings sırıtması are out of something inevitable. Of course, a difficult environment as well as degradable feature seamlessly manages to reflect the quality of the game's other restrictor features something understandable. On both sides of the coin with the BC2 to lighting. Tropical regions, the sand storm in the desert and snow-covered mountains, spectacular ışıklandırmalarla encounter prevails. Lights of the sun reaching the ground was broken, the walls of the light that hits the water is really great details like light show staged. However, the shading does not function well when the lesson DICE'ın görüyoruz.Muhteşem vurmasıyla illumination of objects is very bad shadows. If you insert the game is quite bad enough to afford the head soğuyabilirsiniz pikselleşen shadings. So the mountain, slope, continue to look at the sky.

Weapon modeling unfortunately not very successful. Especially considering the success of Modern Warfare 2 on this issue, we can say even BC2'nin grin. Low number of polygons of the weapons of the game visually reverse falling, unable to see clearly the details of the weapon you hold in your hand, you need to give the response actions have demonstrated hissedemiyorsunuz running. In addition, when we zoom in sniper rifle with no movement of the screen without having to remain constant as a blow to hit the reality is remarkable. Our team of zombies does not occur if you are not breathing, can not explain it to us by the lack of any logic element DICE.

Interesting little bugs in the game is also available. For example, the engagement of enemies in a space that you receive may be a witness appears at a time. Our team, the team estimated that the Star Trek teleportation technology, and the map at a time kondukları beliriveriyorlar now you are starting to fire. In the same way and disappear from time to time to see the bodies after death. Teleport disease continues after the death of the enemies, interesting. However, this does not encounter problems with small size and constant throughout the game, do not worry.

In short, the Bad Company 2's graphics look at the very most multiplatform fps, especially in serious head and kept his opponent seem to be pretty much a fact of modern warfare 2. Broad background provides superb graphics, split in accordance with the laws of physics as a visual environment and a very successful thanks to a successful game BC2 animations.


DICE'ın perhaps the most important and modern warfare, this title aims to keep the head 2. Bad Company 2 fps most of the market offers a lot more fun and satisfying gaming experience. Aside from the quality of single task mode, the main emphasis on the multiplayer mode, making this a quality that will distract you for months.

Environmental feature in every moment of the game is split BC2 yedirmiş. Single task mode, this feature can provide an advantage for yourself by using numerous times, can turn your head stuck way up the points. Offering a 7-8 hour period of action promises a story mode you breathless. Firearm does not allow to cool to use different tools in this quest along with the variety of entertainment and of course increased. ATVs, helicopters, assault boats, Hummer, and most importantly, use a tool such as tanks, heavy damage to the enemy may have the power to fire will.

In fact, a linear game BC2. When you enter the black areas of the map within 10 seconds away from your team wants to return to the game, otherwise you ölmenize whether a package of mine has led to a gift. However, this lineament mentioned again the next paragraph, thanks to split the environment itself, feel intensely. Destination may be a certain way, but using the map, you can move freely in the building is open to every place, from different perspectives in response to the attacks of the enemy can. Obviously, 1-2 throughout the game did not get out of place are not even aware that I can say çizgiselliğin. Moreover, ATV or jeep for a few part, you leave the game with a free and allows you to reach the desired points in the one you like (as in Far Cry 2). Split the environment through effective use of car use and understand, this adventure is over how, if only he hayıflanacaksınız if it takes a little more.

Be able to use many different weapons throughout the game. However, there is one thing to consider here. Kill enemies with various weapons and even to use them again to change the existing gun bırakmanızda have benefits. When you do this for the first time that weapon in your hand if you're getting the gun to fill the screen name and the official opening. What does it mean then? Run out of ammunition or weapons in the game you want to change the rescue have grown big and yellow boxes. Here you can change taşıyabildiğiniz two weapons. Here you receive from enemies and activate the weapons are becoming active in these boxes and waiting for you to be selected. So do not go no es an enemy weapon.

MW2'de kick of the game as much as the feeling is not satisfactory. This call is a very bad impression edinmeyin do not, just not as good as in MW2. Depending on the weapon you use so you can get a satisfactory response. Especially the feeling of a single shot mode, a more balanced story. Multiplayer is also an interesting way this feeling is fading a little more, but many examples on the market (even MAG'dan) that is also a real good. MW2'yi what makes a leader on this issue, is actually very close contact with the enemy. The reaction of the gun with a sense of excitement hit the maximum level for pumping out of an image. BC2 is a game that offers a much wider plan of action. Whether the story mode, you get multiplayer'da want the game to check the condition even more remote areas. Depending on the range of the weapon in your hand as small as ants, even knock enemies.

As with many fps the game is the health care system; vurulduğumuzda take shelter immediately and the other party's passengers, including iyileşiyoruz soluklanırsak slowly indicating that we are starting to perish by a red border. BC2'nin not look at the age of the player's eyes immediately indicate whether a game. Even some sections several times the normal level of difficulty may die. Squeeze you off the well-balanced difficulty levels instead of using more efficient, and the place to look for ways to entice hırslandıracak.

Let us come in multiplayer mode. Here is the real fun begins. BC2 has four game modes now. We call this time because it will be published later in the game add-ons that come to the new viewing modes (remember the first game was such a plug-in). Reduced to five the number of classes in the four cases in the previous game. However, this is a very successful character development system has ceased to be missing. If you'd like the game was first let's look briefly mod'lara and classes;

Game viewing modes

- Rush: the multiplayer experience, we have in DEMO mode. The aim is two points in the base of the enemy blow up safes. One team attacked, killing the other team has to protect these boxes. Gradually, this mode is more fun later. The most important thing here to note that the attacking team in the lower left corner of the screen figure. Each member of your team kills the defending team, this number is decreasing. If the enemy reaches zero, the number two in case your team is losing patlatamazsanız. If the defending team has the right to die numerous.

- Conquest: Battlefield'ın classic mode, or idle in the hands of the enemy Conquest'te aim to capture the flags. The fastest team wins the game is going to reduce the enemy's bar. This mode promises pure entertainment, more than cheek by jowl with those who recently bırakamayacakları Battlefield 1943 Conquest of a mod.

- Squad Rush: Rush Thumbnail mode to support up to a maximum of 8 players. If you are a team playing with friends, this mode is for you.

- Squad Deathmatch: to support up to 16 players, four teams of four people who have played in the classic Deathmatch mode. 2-dependent bodies of most interest to modern warfare Squad Deathmatch mode for us.


- Assault: The class of machine guns. The second gun as a weapon of destruction with the special ability of this class is capable of high power bomb.

- Engineer: the ability to repair damaged vehicles and weapons with a second gun, rocket launcher in this class.

- Recon: Sniper rifle, this class also have the ability to use C4. Maps, especially the great advantage of high hills.

- Medic: Doctor of the class. Friends of this class are capable of healing the wounded heavy machine gun weapon.

The game has a very interesting experience system. Which class of successful results, and then you capture him, it just opens up new features, weapons belonging to the class. Assault That class of continuous play can open a new machine guns, and improved side features. All of the different classes in the game by choosing the path of development can also choose a bit. Moreover, the drop-down weapons dilediğinizce can change the respawn time. For example, the Assault class weapon section of choosing whether you can switch between weapons. This flexible structure to the game adds more than enough entertainment.

Squad is a team that can create the game with friends. Moreover, like the first game in four people must be no more. So even if you're a small team of two people may even come from outside the team can lock against foreign members. This is what you will have the benefit of it? Your friend's place while the team can respawn on the map, from where he can start the game again. Four-person teams to have more options to facilitate your work, of course, you will have the opportunity to start the game in 4 different points.

Multiplayer mode, the most important feature is the use of car showing different points of its competitors. Helicopters, tanks, ATV, jeep, a lot of tools such as remote-controlled helicopter is playing an important role in the success of your team. Especially the helicopter and tank use, a competent manner, the team can support your friends a unique power. Of course, these tools do not permit the BC2 create unfair competition, especially in certain classes of weapons that could destroy these tools freely (such as rocket launchers and C4). Moreover, specific built-in maps of the armored vehicles to quickly eliminate these weapons can be removed. In short, you're in the tank so you feel safe in open spaces like Heidi do not go out to gather daisies, try to make tactical.

Multiplayer'da the maps is really great. Most of the maps in single task mode, very enjoyable to play, but the size and distribution of maps equal to the corners as noted. Aspects of what little, what a great feature of the maps (depending on the play mod'a) expansion. When you take two points mod'larında Squad Rush Rush and became the new target, or you lose two points of the map appears, and the expansion of these points are emerging. So there is a map to the ever-changing in the same game.

Bad Company 2's multiplayer mode continuously compared with the Modern Warfare 2. MAG'daki tactics and team play are included in weight due to take effect, although not vital, such as leaving the BC2 MW2'den. Conquest is also incredibly fun and Rush modes, and also specify that the player under the influence of a strange way. In addition, should also bring shouts; BC2 have their own dedicated servers. Therefore, almost perfect, the lag is not the problem of waiting for a multiplayer experience. MW2'de often falls in the game, the server problems and lag in no shortage of work in Bad Company 2. Get a smooth gaming experience, offering producers kissing her cheeks, thank you.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2, to raise the bar in every sense of developing, sees as the biggest rival to leave behind MW2'yi arzulamış DICE. Under the title of this volume we see a very good way. Sound effects in a long time in the striking had never seen an FPS. When you play the game behind the quality of Dolby TrueHD audio system kolonlarınızın exploded, chaos on the screen jumped to your room will feel settled. Great weapon sounds, consisting of buildings patlattığınızda fragmentation effects, a bomb exploded right around your hearing loss and details like all the noise coming slowly through the columns again the producers deserve applause.

Dubbing the same as in the first game, good enough. The most difficult cases that do not neglect even tease each other team manages to put a little smile on your face. Side characters are not of good quality and at the same rate in spite of the importance of their role in the scenario successfully vurgulayamıyorlar dialogs sufficiently impressive moments. Yet most of the side characters in the game that our team of dialogue between the developed and usually specify.

Music very successful in one word. Especially playing in the main menu (as contained in the multiplayer demo), the theme music is impressive. Sharp melodies of spring loaded tension in this piece from time to time in the game is present. In addition, all of a sudden started playing the game fun, country and rock fragments in the air successfully supports the wicked. Definitely very successful.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offers gamers a complete adventure. Can be considered as a period of 7 hours with an average story mode is a non-stop action and fun with an adventure you do not want to end thanks to the remarkable dynamics. The real action in the online arena. The game has four game modes and team spirit of its own unique character development system that respects the structure of the game promises hours of entertainment not understand how to pass. In fact quite inappropriate to compare this game with MW2. MW2 pure action and pure reality of the spirit of the team without a care in offering a very popular already. BC2 wide action plan is on foot, a little team spirit in its backdrop, and many tools that differentiate it from the excitement of a game by allowing you to use. If you like the structure of this game, you play all year round do you think your game is in multiplayer.

Presentation: 9.3 / 10
Graphics: 9.2 / 10
Gameplay: 9.3 / 10
Sounds: 9.6 / 10
OVERALL: 9.4 / 10

- Great graphics,
- Excellent use of degradable environment,
- Incredible sound workmanship,
- Addictive multiplayer,
- Success story
- Seamlessly controls and dynamics of a successful game

- Gölgelendirmelerdeki defects,
- Some minor visual bugs,
- Weak weapons modeling,
- Shooting not be given the feeling of being full...

Minimum System Requirements;
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2 GHz processor
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Hard Disk space: 15 GB free space
Video card: 256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT/ATI X1900) video card
DirectX Compatible sound card
DirectX 9.0c

The recommended values of the system;
Operating system: Windows Vista or Windows 7
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Hard Disk space: 15 GB free space
Video card: 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260) Video Card
DirectX Compatible sound card
DirectX: 10

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