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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yilmaz Erdogan Gülben'in marriage Saved

Mustafa allegedly preparing to divorce his wife of six years Erdoğandan Gülben Ergen, his brother-in-law Yilmaz Erdoğanla emotional speech after the decision is suspended


Gülben adolescents, whom she married in 2004, claimed that Mustafa Erdoğandan the divorce decree. Mustafa Erdogan relationship with the father of three children allegedly have been problems with a famous singer who finally decided to end his marriage. However, the celebrity lawyer for allegedly opening a divorce attorney Kezban gave Hatemiye.

Allegations unfounded

Magazine world news like a bomb falling on the social networking site twitter Gülben Ergen Gülben Ergen made a statement and the page, the news is completely baseless Kezban Hatemiye gave power of attorney for a divorce he wrote. Adolescent, journalists have given power of attorney to another attorney in question Boşanmıyoruz, power of attorney to another attorney had not responded to.

Yilmaz Erdogan crying

About the artist for allegedly refusing a divorce, information received from the inner circle in the direction of everything is not so clear. Gülben Ergen was determined and divided in the divorce petition was drafted. However, his brother Mustafa Erdogan Yilmaz Erdogan input circuit, and an emotional speech that met the previous day's decision vazgeçirdi yengesiyle. Gülben Ergen, kayınbiraderiyle Twitterdaki his followers shared the conversation: Yılmazla (kaynım) We have a long chat. He said that the man gives birth to woman in love. I am an affected, a fenalaş, a lament, a debelen!

Six months ago
separated the house
1 - Gülben Ergen and Mustafa Erdogan pair spent their homes six months ago because of their incompatibility. Adolescent, Bahçeköydeki four-storey house with their children while the forest, Erdogan moved to another house.
2 - Dual, do not look for a long time with no invitation.
3 - Mustafa Erdoğan, the artistic director at various times of his team from the Fire of Anatolia, a young girl, a dancer has been proposed to his love,

Erdogan denied that claim.
4 - Gülben Ergen, spent the New Year on the stage. The next day he returned home. But Erdogan did not have her husband. In this situation thoroughly stretched strings between the pair. According to neighbors, Adolescent, cried a lot that night.

2008 crisis atlatılmıştı

Gülben Ergen and Mustafa Erdogan pair, in 2008 also were on the verge of divorce. Divorce petition in the newspaper because of irretrievable breakdown of marriage counsel adolescent reports Kadikoy 2 Family Court gave written. The couple said that at that time boşanmayacaklarını.

I'm in love
Gülben Ergen, Twitterdaki Erdoğanla talk page before Yilmaz wrote, and then uploaded a photo taken with 4-year-old son Atlasla and fell under the following note: In love sanaaaaa can not get enough.

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