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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winx Club: Magical Adventure

Original title: Winx Club: 3D: The Magic Adventure
Director: Iginio Staff
Cast: Erin Agostino, Letizia Ciampa, Angela Galuppo, Chris Kent

Scenario: Iginio Straffii
Producer: Iginio Straffi
Art Director: Vincenzo Nisco
Production: Italy (2010)
Importer: Filma Ltd..
Distributor: Tiglon Release
Release Date: October 29, 2010

Fairy School Alfea new era begins, leading to a nice party, Icy, Darcy and messes with Stormy'nin attack. Bloom to pick up this mess, but not with them and deal with the Winx Trix cadılarıyla remains muses. However, Trix, or taking to the track a mysterious vanishes. Bored of life and in the meantime the Princess from her boyfriend deteriorated Sky'la Bloom and pink fairy dust is not a life for his friends. Sky's father, the son of Erendor, Domino does not allow marriage with the princess. On the weight of a dark secret in the Kingdom of Eraklyon collapsed and uncover what it is, heir to the throne was Sky'a. In the meantime, support the ancient witches Trix'ten also found that Tree of Life provides a balance between good and evil magic. Disrupt this balance with their powerful magic, witches, good energy Magix'teki vacate. Bloom and colleagues who lost their powers are the source of all evil witches are forced to confront.

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