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Friday, January 7, 2011

URAS FULDEN ... Adam did not come EVLENEEĞİ Wedding

Fulden Uras, "virtual girlfriend" of how he had told to leave ..

Television Gazette reported, was a guest Rengarenk'e Fulden Uras, Ece Erken'in "virtual girlfriend" said her lover had told her how to leave.

Did not accept the marriage proposal without seeing the face of the groom to the wedding Uras said, "We met on the Internet, sent me flowers stole my heart. 40 years married, there are people lying in the same bed, but do not know each other.

I was talking on the phone for hours. My soul, my brain was very appealing, it is not important what type of dğeildi. I knew that age, I knew everything she did was fight time 12, at 8 o'clock would be nikahımız.

Everyone is a witness to this, the artist would take the stage, my friends, was kept in a hotel ballroom, Nur Yerlitaş sewn gown, but did not come. Easy to tell, but I've suffered a lot to describe, "he clarified event.

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