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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


"Sack the law" or added to the student entered the amnesty included Abdullah Ocalan.

Atılmalara universities to put an end to higher education institutions in the last 30 years and brings forgiveness for all students who withdrew from the law, are put into the "bag" the Draft Law with the Parliament moves towards reforming company law, the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan appeared to benefit from this law.

Ocalan in 1971 entered the Faculty of Law, University of Istanbul, Ankara University Faculty of Political Science 1 year after the Government had made the transition section. Papers and participated in various activities at the university distributes Ocalan, Mamak Military Prison in 1972 was a period of time. Ocalan left the PKK in 1978 to establish the school had gone to Diyarbakir. However, no student SBF'de 993 due to absenteeism ilişiğinin full 8 years after Ocalan's school that is, the cut was learned in 1986. Parliament amnesty "Regardless of whatever reason" coverage on 12 September 1980, after the freelancers, Ocalan also raised the possibility to benefit from amnesty.

Surprised GUIDE
On the other hand, the university entrance exam the first phase transition to higher education (SDK) yesterday began for the applications. Application deadline January 19 for the examination as described in the guide, the "student amnesty" to be an expression for the remarkable took place. OSYM published by the Higher Education Council and approved by the guide, the university removed from taking disciplinary action, but candidates can apply higher quotas in 2011-ÖSYS'ye 'yerleştirilemeyecekleri' writing.

'SCHOOL DÖNSÜN beginners'
Head of Higher Education. Dr. In a comment on Yusuf Ziya Ozcan amnesty "amnesty politicians' decision. Therefore, regardless of each school would like to return to beginners. Can also expand the crime of terrorism. What is rational is that since 2008 into one. Opening a matter of policy, many people think of the 80 policies of the system was damaged, "he said. For this reason, "We want to return to school beginners," said President of the Council of Higher Education institutions in the Guide to SDK Özcan ignoring the confused explanations. Prof. OSYM vice president on the issue. Members of the Council of Higher Education Ali Demir achieved expression "error might be" defended

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